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2002.04.07, 10:50 PM
not sure if this should be here.

i'm currently trying to convert the skyline gt r34 vspec to vspec 2. already have the wheel well expanded to accomadate my alloy bbs rims and the vents cutted out. now i want to add some flares e.g side skirts, front bar, end caps. what's a good material to use?

any help will be greatly appreciated.


2002.04.08, 04:05 AM

Maybe I can help.
See the link "It's fun 3 porsche" in this forum. There you can see how I have done with my car, what material I have used.
Also, the link "Extreme Honda S2000" will show how the result will be using my method.

With both the Honda and the Porsche I have first cut out strips from a sheet of styrene plastic, glued them into place, and after that using fine putty to fill out and round the fenders and so on.

At the homepage you can see my DTM TT. With that car I have used styrene plastic to widened the body, but I have'nt filled out with putty, so it's easy to see the "pre-work"

Check out the homepage... http://come.to/mm-racers for lots of customized cars!

Good luck!

/Mike, Ronneby Sweden

2002.04.08, 04:16 AM
here is a pic of my DTM TT in an early project phase.

And my porche after adding and some putty (after grinding it).

2002.04.08, 08:38 AM

Damn... I have written the wrong adress to our homepage in my postings! Sorry for that...

This is the right adress, of course!!


/Mike, Ronneby Sweden

2002.04.08, 11:24 AM
thanks, it's kinda hard for me to get some of the materials. so i sustituted the styrene plastic with some scrap plastic. still deciding what to change though.

2002.04.08, 08:13 PM
Spud, can't wait to see the finished product!