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2006.09.15, 08:33 AM
This will be event number 2 for the C-ville Mini Speedway. We have a decent start with two Mini-Z owners! ( I am one of them :D ).

The shop where we are hosting the events seems really excited about having the races which is very good news. They are getting all of their ducks in a row with respect to setting up purchasing with Kyosho. I think they are an authorized dealer now.

If I could just suck in a few more racers, we could have a decent following in Charlottesville again.

Anyway, we will be getting setup around 5 and ready to race around 6.

The Place
243-B McIntire Rd
Charlottesville, VA
(Next to Staples)

I'll try to take a few pictures this time...

2006.09.15, 09:17 AM
one more racer and you could start hfay ;) you would hten have the opportunity to run for 2 clubs :p

2006.09.15, 09:30 AM
Would I have to use a different name and car? I don't see anything in the rules about that one...

2006.09.15, 09:38 AM
i don't see why you would. i think it's falls under the unforseen circumstances category :p

2006.09.18, 08:34 PM
I was checking out the Salt Lake Mini-Z webpage (http://saltlakemini-z.com/index.html) because I knew they had a few track layouts already lined up for multiple Wide-L's.

If we have enough space I think we'll do number 12, if not we'll default to number 1.

I should have some pictures up tomorrow or Wednesday.

2006.09.18, 11:13 PM
I have several sets of batteries fully charged. No plans and looking forward to it. I should be there right at 6.

Mike says he is gonna be there this time.

2006.09.19, 06:36 AM
Mike says he is gonna be there this time.

That's cool...I didn't get a chance to stop in to the shop last week.

2006.09.19, 09:08 PM
We had a great turnout this time...at least six people that actually own Mini-Z's and a couple more that were hooked on the demo cars. It gets a little rough out there with six cars on 33" lanes so I may have to limit myself to a CMS-specific car. My Xanavi 350Z took a little of a beating...

Here are a few pics, there are more in my CMS gallery (http://mini-zracer.com/mini-zgallery/showgallery.php?cat=943)

We were able to field a few cars for the style pic...
The bug got its own shot...
here's what the starting graid actually looked like...

2006.09.19, 11:20 PM
that's awesome that you had a good turn out. it looks like things are headed in the right direction. :D

2006.09.20, 12:00 AM
What he didnt tell you is that that epoch owned the track tonight.

2006.09.20, 08:19 AM
What he didnt tell you is that that epoch owned the track tonight.

care to elaborate ?

2006.09.20, 08:54 AM
bn is referring to his little subaru Epoch sandwiched btwn the F1's. It held its own against the army of brutal Mini-Z's.

2006.09.20, 09:27 AM
if you want to borrow my epoch, i still have the lbrc shotgun parts to install. i just have not found the time to take it out of the box much less install the parts i bought.

very glad to see such a good turnout! even more than our dc gtg :eek: now if you could just get the shop to buy a timing system ;)

would anyone from your club be interested in the trip to norfolk i emailed everyone about?

2006.09.20, 09:36 AM
I was just thinking about that trip the other day...I guess we should talk more about it this weekend. I have only been paying partial attention to the details. Once I get the specifics, I can spread the word.