View Full Version : iWaver II TX - what does SW2 do?

2006.09.17, 04:45 PM
Ok I just got the Iwaver II controller and I have everything figured out except what SW2 is. What does this switch do exactly? Anyone?

2006.09.22, 09:50 PM
I'm not sure either. See page 54 on this pdf document. I read it, but I don't understand it.


good luck.

2006.12.04, 05:20 AM
I have been wondering the same exact thing.

2007.01.04, 04:12 AM
I know this post is old, but some people may need this info in the future. So, according to the instructions you can set this as the third channel. such as on an E-Maxx where the third channel selects high and low speed, and on nitro R/C cars where it would select forward/reverse. It seems to work as a toggle action, like an on/off, or position1(forward)/position2(reverse)

2007.01.26, 04:12 AM
i have a Iwaver II tx laying around. is this thing exactly the same as the Futaba 3pm? I may give it a try.

2007.01.26, 07:49 AM
^ Frank, ive never seen the 3 series by futaba, but this thing seems more along the lines of my dads 2pl. it does have the EXP function which his doesnt, but everything else seems the same. oh, i dont think the 2pl can be changed to FM either, but im not sure about that. this one can. other than that, they have all the same features and seem to work the same as far as menus and functions go.

2007.01.26, 09:03 PM
^hrdrvr, thanks for the response. I'm gonna try to set it up soon since I now have 5 chassis. by keeping the setting in the memory and only changing the crystal sounds very cool. the only worry is that does this IW II have good reception or not or will it crap out compare to the traditional tx5 which is reliable.