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2006.09.18, 04:11 PM
Alternative count down sound clip.

copy the attached file to :

C:\Program Files\CoreSpeedway\themes\default\ countdown_10.wav
replace the file

if you hear a double horn when you test it, delete countdown_0.wav

Let me know what you guys think.



2006.09.18, 04:33 PM
very nice, I like how you intigrated the coutdown into the file.

I applaud you for taking some creative measures with your core setup.

I have some words of advice, when making changes to Core, it's a good idea to create a new theme and make your changes there. that way is something gets messed up, accidently deleted or somthing like that you have an untainted copy to revert to. (it's happened to me :o )

also you can make your audio file, 11 seconds and then set the countdown to 11, it will play that file first. this way you dont' have to modify the original settings.