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2006.09.24, 03:07 PM
i ran into yet another problem with my hfay car... i changed some parts over to run it in a dc spec class and fried a fet :mad:

now i need to replace the fets with 3004 fets to remain hfay legal, atleast for the remainder of this season. after which i will move to 3010 fets which i hope the shop here will have instock in qnty by then.

so my question for now is, where can i find 3004 fets?

2006.09.24, 03:27 PM
When all else fails, rob the steering FETís from another car and replace those with IRF 7317ís. Thatís what I did after looking around and realizing that Iíd gotten carried away and didnít have any unmodified circuit boards.

2006.09.24, 04:24 PM
i dont' have 7317 fets nor do i ahve any better idea where to get those than i do 3004 fets.
borrowign from another car is not an option as i am down to the minimum number of cars for the classes i race.

2006.09.24, 05:06 PM
That bites, the problem is that even though local low quantity suppliers like Arrow or DigiKey carry Renesas products there is no commercial advantage or reason to carry any of the Renesas mosfets, specifically the HAT3004Rís or the HAT3010Rís, from their point of view why import outdated mediocre mosfets when you can get ones meeting higher standards locally for less. Sure theyíre cheap in China so it makes since to use them in toy cars made there but from a North American commercial point of view whereís the profit? There are massive quantities of low cost semiconductor devices especially mosfets manufactured locally so the only ones that get imported are exceptional values either for performance like those from Vishay Siliconix, or extreme value/lower prices.

You could try a local Renesas Dealer like:

Beacon Electronics Associates
Mid Atlantic (Virginia, Maryland)
1655 North Fort Myer Drive, Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22209
Phone: 703-903-6500
Fax: 408-538-9926

To see if they could special order some, but they would probably require a minimum quantity of 1K or more, although you never know they might just have some stashed away in a 20 year bin from some past order.

Sorry not much help.

2006.09.24, 05:49 PM
As an example:
You can order the 3004's through Avnet, not in stock so thereís a 10 week lead time, minimum purchase of 7,500 for $5,400 as a non-returnable non-cancelable transaction. Am guessing that's not much help either.