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2006.09.24, 07:29 PM
Here's a quick look at the new 1/30th scale tank I just got off the Bay.
I bought this primarily for it's running gear as a base for a tracked Monster crawler.

>Model quality body work.
>Full function movement (single speed)
>dual motors with gear reduction
>operating suspension
>turning turret
>elevating gun barrel
>LED headlights and gun flash
>tank sound
>push button controller (not like the zip zap controller) with all controls accessable with a single hand
>no IR or air-soft

not bad for a $35.00 investment
The Tamiya Tractor set only includes the tracks, drive wheels, and tracks, with a dual motor gear box for the same money...no elecs or suspension

so this fit my ticket to a T



the next step was to remove the turret and top pf the tank. All wires are marked for function, this will come in handy later if I deciede to add extra features.


Then I removed the large front turret servo up front (this will be replaced with a lead weight when I fure just how much front weight I need for crawling) and painted the whole lower chassis with smoke gray and a flat finish top coat.


now to start looking for the right donor body for this project

2006.10.03, 06:44 AM
here's a couple of short vids and pics of the finished project