View Full Version : Ford Focus Rally body.....???

2006.09.28, 07:53 PM
Ford Focus Rally body..... Does anyone know where I might be able to buy one...? Autoscale would be great...!!!



2009.11.12, 06:55 PM
Dude, finding that body is like trying to find Jimmy Hoffa. It is the body that Colin McCrae drove before he died. You cant even find the diecast style collector cars anymore. If you find it, it will be outrageously expensive and you shouldnt even think about racing it. That will be a showpiece for sure.

2009.11.13, 03:21 AM
skv018a runs one but it will probably be bashed up, so you could ask him, though as said before if you find one it will be mega expensive, and i wouldnt ever run it due to the rarity!

2009.11.13, 06:21 AM
We have a NIB ReadySet - should probably add it to the Marketplace! :)

2009.11.13, 01:29 PM
I just picked up one in 1/43 scale plastic model kit form. It's from the company Heller, and it's a perfect fit "with modifications" for the Dnano. It comes with decals to make an exact copy of the original AutoScale. mini-z, which version do you have? There were a few paint schemes if I remember.

2009.11.13, 07:41 PM
There were #4 and #5 as far as I know.