View Full Version : 02m Body Width

2006.09.29, 02:01 AM
I am interested in the new Iwaver 02M and am thinking of preordering one. I would like to know which body is the widest so I can make a stable racer. Anyone know?

2006.09.29, 02:09 PM
I don't have an Iwaver, but I do have a bunch of MR02's.

I've run a few of the Iwaver bodies. The Enzo, the Mclaren, and the Ford GT. They all perform very similar to thier Kyosho counter parts. For that matter, you could go with a Kyosho body.

I like the Iwaver Mclaren and the Enzo. I don't like the Ford GT for a race body. The trouble is the front tires stick out a bit, so when you hit the rail on a RCP track the tires come off the rims.