View Full Version : MC3 PN World Practice Session: Sunday, Oct 15/06

2006.10.02, 08:59 AM
The club will setup a large track to practice and work on general setups. This means that we will not be setting a junior track this time.

Everyone is invited regardless of whether you plan to go to the worlds or not. PN World cup info can be found at www.pnracing.com then click "World Cup".

The practice session will be held at the same indoor place as the PN Cdn Regional:

Seniors Life Enhancement Centre (Centre 2)
2041 Cliff Rd
Mississauga ON L5A 3N8

Click here to get a googlemap link:


Alternatively, check out the centre's weblink:


The place is Centre II (2)

The practice will be from 1pm-6pm. There is a cost to rent the spot. This cost will be prorated amongst all who attend, so it will be anywhere between $5-$20 each. The cost will be $100, so if there are 10 people, that is $10 each etc...

As a club member, you are still required to help either setup or teardown. If not, you will be required to pay an extra $5 (plus the prorated rental cost).

Contact me at 647-519-8074 if you need assistance or alternatively, email me at Sinister_Y@sympatico.ca