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2006.10.02, 10:07 PM
I have been working on this for a few weeks, but was waiting for the materials to create this prototype before I went public with the idea.

I have made a very simple way to design your RCP track layouts, with out the need of a computer, or having to lay out and move the actual track tiles around. It is also small enough you can toss it into your RC case, or into the box with your RCP track. I made little mini tiles that are magnetic, so you can move them around and once you get the track plan you want, you can put it on a scanner or copier and save it for later use, or even upload it here to the forum.

I will be making higher quality versions later, for now if anyone is interested I will sell off a few homemade versions. The homemade version is good enough that I really dont need to bother with a higher grade... but if there is a high demand it will be easier to produce in quantity.

I attached 2 photo samples, one of the overal tiles spread around, some are in pre-attached chunks to make track building faster... I only made 2 L's and a wide expansion set for this prototype, however I have all of the RCP tiles ready to be made, I can even make a custom set based on your tile collection. The completed track layout, uses just 2 L's... a Hfay possible track ;).

2006.10.03, 12:13 AM
Drac. that is a really cool idea. simple yet very effective. and for those that don't have the design cabablilies on a computer it's perfect.

Good luck in marketing these.

2006.10.03, 02:04 AM
Very cool and handy idea!

2006.10.03, 02:39 AM
Brilliant! a way to lay out track in scale. Brilliant!

2006.10.03, 07:21 AM
I think that's a great idea Drac.

2006.10.03, 01:03 PM
Thats plain awesome!

2006.10.03, 10:44 PM
Great idea Drac.

What Drac hasn't revealed yet is he also has a to-scale-fully-propo-rc-paper-mini-z that will run on the track. He's just waiting on FCC approval.


2006.10.04, 09:39 AM
Actualy that nano tech rc car that cost a few million or whatever, could work on it LoL :)

There will be a mini tile version... already drew it up just have not created a prototype for it yet, the set will include 1 full mini96 set, 1 mini96 expansion set, and 2x 45 chicanes, 2x 45 straights, and 4x wide inners, and a few spare corners, and a few 3rd (middle) tile finish/start lines. That should be plenty to create any track layout... if some one happens to have more tiles they can just custom order a set, or order 2 mini sets.

I am still playing around with it... and still trying to figure out what its worth to sell it etc...

2006.11.05, 11:13 PM
Seems there are a few people posting about track layout ideas, and space requirements... so I should make these available in "prototype form", even tho I am not completely organized with these yet. I can sell these now if anyone needs a planner set, there are a few problems I have not solved yet...

I have not found a good, low cost, light weight, steel board to sell with the sets. Ya gota have somethign to stick the magnets too to use this! -- I do have some scrap steel sheet that I am going to cut up, paint, and make available as a temporary solution... but for now I will have to leave it upto the user to have a magnetic chalk board, erase board, refridgerator or file cabnet handy :).

I have not decided on exact set contents yet, but I can make custom sets if the content sets I make are not exactly as needed.

I have also not come to a good price to sell them at... they are not FREE for me to make and sip, so I do have to charge for them, and it takes some time so I should charge for that too... I have a habit of jiping my self with this type of thing ;).

Anyway... I think I can sell groups of track sets for about $10.00 USD, addon a couple bucks for US shipping. An example of a group would be either, one mini96 set with about two of every mini addon set, or 2 wide L's with a wide expansion set (shown in sample photo above). Basicly a little less than an 8x11 sheet of paper worth of tiles.

If I leave them uncut, and upto the user to cut them out I can sell them a little cheaper, since its time consuming to cut out all the little tiles. However I will cut them out, but I will be adding a few bucks to the kits, more to the mini-96 since its more cutting to do ;) its not so bad, but if I have to cut everyones set, it could take a few days... maybe ill just leave the cutting out as an option when buying them...

This is something that Kyosho would likely charge about $50+ for... :)

2006.11.06, 07:14 AM
I would pay 10-12 shipped for a 2Wide L set uncut. Email me if you have one to sell.

2006.11.06, 07:47 AM
I do have one ;)

I dont have the metal boards made yet tho... I can make one out of my scrap sheet tho if you need one, I was gona add a few bucks for those, due to shipping weight/size... the meta board is handy so you can carry it around the track, and even put it on a flat bed scanner and save the layout made.
I am just not sure I have a way to cut the scrap sheet and leave the edges "safe" and not like razors lol...

2006.11.06, 08:16 AM
I don't need the metal board. I think I have a magnetic whiteboard or I could use my fridge and take a picture of the layout...or I could use a file cabinet.

I am sure I can find something.

2006.11.06, 09:31 AM
Fire off an email same email is my paypal... should work via the forum button, if not should work from my site...

If anyone wants one, just send an email... include what rcp sets you have, and ill try to just do custom layouts for now... it might actualy be better then trying to make generic sets that fit everyones needs.. would just be a lot of unused tiles in each set.

A mini Tile set could always be used to plan the larger set.. just take the same number of walls and curves. I did make them to scale to each other incase some one wanted to make a mini 96 to wide tile conversion type track layout...

2006.11.13, 09:04 AM
one thing to use around the edges is door edge molding. you can get it at auto zone.
We use it when we cut out the wheelwells of our trucks in real life, you can't lay your frame on the ground on air ride, if the tires hit the wheelwells! :D

2006.11.13, 09:40 AM
drac, i would be interested in:
3 wide l
1 large turn kit
1 45 deg kit

let me know if this is possible

2006.11.13, 08:29 PM
I just wanted to report that I got my track planner set and I love it.

It only took me a few minutes to cut the tiles and I have already been playing with multiple layouts...I'll post some pictures when I get some free time.


I think this is a great idea. If it's profitable for you to do this in the $10-$15 price point then I think this could really take off...at least a little bit.

2006.11.13, 08:37 PM

Sending Arches out soon :)

Note that because you two are mods, and these were the first two I sent extra tiles... as spares etc... so you two are the guinea pigs lol

The large outer curves, were my own style, they are not the style that RCP actualy released, they need to be redone in the final... but I just threw them on there to send them since I didnt have time to change it. The 45-set of rcps kyosho america track 45 version, was as best as I could represent it... does it look like it will work? :) lots of extra 45 tiles...

Now if my magnet source would contact me again... I could get them done on a more proffessional scale; mass production etc, actual plastic/rubber that wont peal or tear, and stronger magnets... they sometimes feel a bit on the weak side of the force.

Now to draw up sets for slot car tracks ;)

2006.11.15, 12:34 PM
I'd be down for a mini-96 and expansion set, if there's a plan for these. Maybe you could make somekind of overlay in a 1x1 grid for square space. Then people could draw out the space they have, and lay out a track. Even though putting one together with a few friends is just as fun!

Good luck with this, and hopefully it takes off for you!

2006.11.15, 12:36 PM
what scale are these printed to?

2006.11.15, 01:38 PM
Measureing the acutal printed 50cm tile.. it came out at 19mm... plus the grid line, so about a 20mm grid. and 20:500 = 1:25th... so 1mm = 1inch. Find some metric grid paper, and use it to represent inches :)... this is what I wanted on the magnetic board... in dry erase form... but hard to find cheap enough to bother with.

And I do have mini-96 plotted out, I did that first, but I added a tile that I recomended to rcp... that I doubt they will make so I have to redo them. :) but I can also send it as is... since it would just be an extra tile you can trash or something. ... it does have a full 96 and expansion.

I still have enough materials left to make at least 20 more sets, If anyone wants some, just email me...
Also, when it comes to cutting out the pieces, you do not have to cut them ALL out, you can leave them in clumps to make moving them around easier, faster and straighter. (see attached image)

2006.11.15, 02:03 PM
thanks, i want to print/draw and outline of my basement at the same scale so i know what i'm working with when playing with the peices.

2006.11.16, 10:36 AM
one thing to use around the edges is door edge molding. you can get it at auto zone.
We use it when we cut out the wheelwells of our trucks in real life, you can't lay your frame on the ground on air ride, if the tires hit the wheelwells! :D

any idea what this guy is talking about?

I mean, since I have a lowered truck, I could use the info, but it just doesnt fit here.

and I am interested in the tile kit, also Drac, do you have many 01 spare parts for sale?

2006.11.16, 10:42 AM
hes talking about the cheap trim you often see applied on crappy hoopdies and fake imports, ie; the chrome edging around doors, deck lids, etc. you can use the same material to place around the edge of whatever magnetic/metal surface you are using as a board to place the tiles.

2006.11.16, 10:59 AM
oh I see now, for the sheet metal boards. lol, I thought he was just ranting on about something. and actually I tyhink that may be a decent idea for that purpose, just looks like crap on cars LOL

2006.11.16, 12:25 PM
email me here Draconious@mini-z.us and let me know what tiles you need, it will also let me know if this email is working :).

I am basicly doing about a 8x11 sheet of paper is $10 as of now (including shipping usa 48)... Will go up if I get them manufactured instead of doing them myself. Right now I can arrange them custom if you have funky track sets other then standard...

The mini set requires a lot more cutting, since more pieces fit on the 8x11... it could also be used as a 50cm track planner, just wont be same scale or piece count.

01 parts, just the stuff no one really wants... those susp triangle pieces (only had 2 thought I had like 10, guess some one bought some a while back), the stabilizer bar, and stock springs/screws... I might have battery clips or something... lots of rims from 01 cars with no offsets... a few with offsets.

2006.11.16, 10:27 PM
I sent you an e-mail Drac, it may end up in your junk-mail folder so watch for it please.

2006.11.24, 03:46 PM
Ok I redid the layout of the magnetic sheets... so there are more tiles per sheet now, less waste.

There are currently 3 sheets,

Each track sheet will be $10.00 shipped USA 48
An extra $8 per 50cm sheet to cut, $10 to cut the mini tile sheet.
(just do this yourself it is easy, I only offer this for those that are lazy, like me)

The "Mini Tile Sheet" includes enough tiles to represent 2 Mini 96-Tile sets, 2 expansion sets, a full wide corner set, 4 45' or 4 chicane sets... and a few spare tiles like overland bumps, and my concept for a 50-30cm adapter set.

The "Wide Track Sheet" includes enough tiles to represent 3 L's and a Wide Oval, simple and neet.

The "Wide Expansion Sheet " includes enough tiles to represent 1 wide expansion set, some tiles to make the oval on the first sheet into a full L, wide inner corners, wide outer corners, and lots of 45 degree track... as well as some 10cm long straights to use for my 30-50cm adapter set... and lots of overland obstacles and bumps.

I will also be selling sheets with print defects for $5. I ran out of ink on a few, and there are some larger than acceptable smudges on some, and some went off the print sheet. Usualy these will have a complete track between the errors... just not all the tiles are pretty, if you dont care about pretty it will work just fine with the errors. These are only available if I mess up ;)

See Attached Image for examples of the sheets... the middle sheet had the black are filled with more tiles after that image was made I need to make a new one.

If interested just email: Draconious@Mini-Z.us ... and post here that you sent an email incase the new email server eats it (it has been eating emails it for some stupid reason blocks, yahoo, msn, comcast, and hotmail emails.......

2006.11.24, 08:32 PM
just wanted you to know i got my layouts today! i ahev to say the quality is very good:)

the hard part will be to cut them out without butchering your hard work

i also need to find a metal clipboard somewhere.

2006.11.24, 09:08 PM
When I cut them out, I use a metal scale.. as a straight edge, and a sharp razor... I line it up so it cuts right down the center of the gap between teh tiles... they are setup so the entire wide set can be cut out this way... but when you get down to small 2 or 3 tile sized pieces... its best to use the scissors. And the curves and 45s obviously need scissors... cuz some are not on the grid and some are too round for a straight edge ;).

2006.12.17, 10:26 AM
For Christmas I guess... and to reclaim some of the funds I spent on materials...

Instead of each sheet being 10$ shipped...

The next 10 people to send me $10.00 can have 2 sheets shipped... Either one of each or combination of whatever.
This is at/below cost.

Offer Void after Dec 24th.

Those of you that have them, do you still like them after using them? do you even use them? did they wind up collecting dust? just curious...

I also added the pic of the sheets, that I thought I already uploaded... maybe it was some place else I uploaded it.

Has anyone emailed me at that mini-z.us address and not gotten a reply!?

2006.12.17, 11:00 AM
Ill bite :D yes gimme some thing to play with when I cant mini-z email sent

2007.02.18, 07:57 PM
Was searching for other junk, and found this... its kind of small... but it would be fine for HFAY sized tracks... stands up on its own...


2008.10.29, 09:16 PM
I am pondering buying a new printer... the one I have eats ink cartriges faster then it does paper..... and has clogged print heads.

If I can sell off a few more of these, It may convince me to take the wallet damage and buy the printer. And doing so would help get rid of the magnetic gloss paper stuff I bought to make these... only sold a few.

BTW, is anyone using one of these?
Was it a stupid concept?!
Did it come in handy?!

I will keep the $10.00 price for 2 sheets, shipped usa.