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2006.10.03, 03:58 PM
can you please verify what the contents of this will be?


2006.10.03, 08:32 PM
looks to be a kit version of the awd.. maybe a build it yourself chassis set to reduce costs?.. i dont really see the point if that's all it is

2006.10.04, 08:14 AM
Do I see wrong or there are alu parts in the package ?

2006.10.04, 08:44 AM
i beleive it is similar to the anniv. edition of the overland which came with just about all the upgraded parts possible.

please keep replies directed torward the original question or answers in this section :p

2006.10.04, 09:33 AM
maybe it will be cheaper since they didnt pay some one to assemble it? ;)

2006.10.20, 09:40 PM
?I love Mini-z's, but I also love building R/C kits myself. I's all over this if we get thm in the shop, I need another AWD anyway.

2006.11.17, 08:06 PM
Anyone know or hear of anything more about this? Is it coming to the US? I want another AWD.

EDIT: Answered my own question about release date. Anyone know if and when its coming to the US?

Tim? Can my LHS preorder these?


2006.11.18, 12:07 AM
Kit Contents

Kit with main components pre-assembled
RA-12 Receiver / Controller unit
14 Ball bearings (full-bearing specifications)
Multi-offset wheels
Wide tires for rear
4 different pinion gears
3 varieties of spur gears for 2 wheelbase types = 6 spur gears
Pinion gear removal tool
Spare nuts
Wheel wrench

it says available next month, so if it can be pre-ordered, then now would be the appropriate time.

2006.12.10, 01:56 PM
It is totally december and junk...anyone seen or heard any more about availability?

2006.12.10, 11:20 PM
I plan to order a MA-010 this week and would much rather get one of these. Partly because of the cheaper price, and partly because I would like to know ahead of time how everything goes together before I break something :D

Tim Johnson
2006.12.14, 11:00 PM
Look for these state side, next month :) There will be a very limited QTY for US market, so if you really want one, i would contact your Local Hobby Shop. :)

2006.12.15, 12:04 AM
Anyone know how much they will cost here in the us of a?

And a part number?

Tim Johnson
2006.12.15, 05:56 PM
30570B MA-010 SP Chassis Kit $279.99msrp

2006.12.15, 06:01 PM
holy crap, why is it so high? is it fet stacked already with the 5 hottest motors on the market? it should be for that price.

2006.12.15, 06:53 PM
holy crap, why is it so high? is it fet stacked already with the 5 hottest motors on the market? it should be for that price.

i think msrp on the regular ma010 is 240, so that's not as crazy as is seems, but all i see that it has extra is high strength universals, the bearings, and the blue/gray chassis....

no controller, no body, etc.


at any rate-

they keep a 'false' msrp so they can effectively provide margin for all levels of distribution...

2007.01.09, 01:46 PM
This is on the kyosho america shopatron site and one of this sites competitors (rhymes with myopic clods)

199.99 :eek:

Im gonna pass, not worth it in my book.

2007.01.09, 02:21 PM
There is one more place to get it a little cheaper...