View Full Version : Getting my MZM Jeep

2006.10.04, 07:38 PM
Yeah im Getting the MZM Black jeep. What other upgrades should i buy?

2006.10.04, 09:39 PM
The first upgrade you should get is another MZM for me. ;)

2006.10.04, 09:49 PM
It is geared really low so speed is not easy to get.
I use an X-speed with the tallest pinion and it's pretty good.
I never thought to fet it and use any extreme motor.
Delrin drive gears would be smart to keep near-by.
And dont make your jumps to insane or you will find yourself in need of new shock towers which are availible in aluminum.
Oil shocks are nice for jumps.
Have fun, it's a great truck!!!

2006.10.08, 12:55 AM
Just watch out for the alloy shock stay trap, when I installed mine I busted cases left and right. There is alot to be said about the stock setup.