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2006.10.06, 09:39 AM
Nekocon (www.nekocon.com) is an anime convention, November 3-5th in Hampton VA. They're going to have a large RCP track (http://www.rcptracks.com/) set up in the dealer's room in one of the How Fast Are You (http://hfay.tinyrc.com/) layouts with a Core Speedway (http://www.corespeedway.com/) lap counter, courtesy of Arch2B and the DCGTG (http://www.minizracer.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=64).

Come and show off your skills and have fun at a great convention with lots of Japanese products and Jpop culture.

2006.10.06, 10:55 AM
if you in the area or willing to make the trip, it would be nice to meet mor forum members! i'll have atleast 1 hfay track setup so we can run HFAY time trials. lets see, How Fast Are You? ;)

2006.10.06, 11:00 AM
I could probably come out with another set of 2 Wide L's and have a second HFAY track if there is enough interest...I guess it depends on how much space we have.

Actually, maybe I can reserve my track for the Overlands and Monsters! There's still some time to figure it out...

2006.10.06, 11:29 AM
:( Wish I were closer..

this is also a great way to promote the HFAY series.. sweet.

2006.10.06, 11:42 AM
I'm pretty sure we have a 40'x40' section of the dealer's room (Hall A) reserved for the track. If we need/want more space, we might be able to set up in Hall B instead, where it's pretty much just space for the concession stand, the art show, CCG tables, etc. To give you an idea of the scale, the ramps on the loading dock are big enough for a tractor trailer to pull into the exhibit halls. We would have all the space we could possibly want. I'd just have to run it by the Con Chair, and it would mean the track would be open all hours of the convention instead of Dealer's hours. I'll try to get those hours for you...

Dealer hours are Fri: 2:00pm - 8:00pm, Sat: 10:00am - 6:00pm, Sun: 10:00am - 3:00pm


2006.10.06, 11:56 AM
Arch... you're going for all 3 days ?

I am hoping to get there somehow... any costs to attend ?

Here's a Mapquest link :


2006.10.06, 12:14 PM
(13 yrs & Up)
Pre-Pay Memberships till 10/06/2006 Full Weekend $35.00
At the Door - Full Weekend $45.00
At the Door - Friday Only (Nov 3) $25.00
At the Door - Saturday Only (Nov 4) $30.00
At the Door - Sunday Only (Nov 5) $20.00

Wow, that's handy, pure coincidence that the prereg deadline is today... funny how an annual even sneaks up on you... anyway. The Con Chair already agreed to set up a group rate for racers, I just need to get the details from him about it (sorry I don't have it right now).

If you're just coming to race, it's a bit expensive, but if you're also an anime fan, it's a great deal.

2006.10.06, 12:15 PM
i will be there atleast 2 days, 3 if i can shack up with someone :p i already put in for that friday off and cleared it with my spouse. my oldest son will be coming with me as well, atleast i plan on it.

2006.10.06, 12:18 PM
new development.....
i will have TWO (2) timing systems available so if spoon can bring his HFAY track we can get some time attack battles via HFAY time trails :p

2006.10.06, 12:39 PM
Now THAT sounds like fun! lol Untill you realize who the competition is! :eek:

2006.10.06, 01:22 PM
ai7, can you post details such as entry fee's for racers if any? just want to make sure everyone has access to all the info and since this is sort of a side attraction at the convention i don't know that the info is available on the website.

2006.10.06, 01:28 PM
ai7, can you post details such as entry fee's for racers if any? just want to make sure everyone has access to all the info and since this is sort of a side attraction at the convention i don't know that the info is available on the website.

Trying to get a hold of the chair to ask him about it. :o

2006.10.06, 06:08 PM
Okay, stalking down the group rate thing.

Looks like Hall B is a go. We just need a rough estimate of the required space. The room is so huge we could all three bring all our track and it should fit, just gotta make certain. I have two wide ovals. Arch was going to supliment them with his track so he doesn't have to transport so much. That's still okay, but if you want to bring more since we have the space, that would be cool too. Just total up the square footage.

Hall B hours are 1200 2400 Friday, 0800 to 2400 Saturday, and 0800 to 1700 Sunday. We can start and stop in these hours as we like, but the room won't be secured during these hours so we need somebody to be there. Arch, I'll be available to help you staff so you and Spoon can get out and about if you like.

2006.10.17, 07:38 AM
Okay, I have the racer group membership discount information. The rate is $23 for a three day membership, good through October 31st. At door is $45, this is a great deal. Pay pal or check. Please send me an email if you want the pay pal link or membership form.

nate *dot* hill *at* norfolk *dot* gov

PMs on here are disabled :(

Nekocon is going out of their way for us on this one, prereg discounts usually don't run so late, hence not just posting up the information.

2006.10.31, 02:25 PM
So, I asked Briankstan to whip up a layout for us based on the amount of track that we'll have and some other parameters. If you look, you'll notice that the Nov HFAY layout is built into the course and there is an offshoot for some OL obstacles. I told B that we would have 3 L's and 2 Ovals with some additional blank tiles. I guess it depends on what we Arch can fit in his truck but this is a great layout to work with.

There's a larger version here. (http://mini-zracer.com/mini-zgallery/showphoto.php?photo=6783&size=big&cat=722&page=1)


2006.11.03, 06:42 PM
ok, packed up as much track as i could fit into my truck. still trying to find space for my cars....

i'm shooting for a 9am arrival. mapquest says 3 hours so i'll leave at 5am just incase.

i'll call you when i get there for unloading directions, etc.

fyi, i'll be sort of tired. i have a bad cold coming off a crazy short week at work and long travel back from vacation. not feeling my best but i'll be there regardless.

2006.11.03, 08:29 PM
Starting to pack now.

Don't kill yourself. I am sure if you leave around 7 you'll be fine. I guess you have my number but I'll email it to you anyway.

2006.11.04, 08:39 AM
Wish I could make it, but ever since the journey to the PN Worlds, my tranny has been jumping around, slipping gears a little and I don't want to push it. Good luck !

2006.11.06, 11:00 AM
how did everything go? did you have a big crowd?

2006.11.06, 01:32 PM
It was a great venue and I think everyone really enjoyed themselves.

Some of the costumes were outrageous.

As a mini-z venue I think this would make a great regional GTG and/or regional race. There is plenty of space and it's really a fun convention for when you aren't racing. I wish I had taken more pictures and I wish I had more time to see some of the "Con" events.

I would definitely encourage anyone within driving distance to come out next year and I think I will try to make an entire weekend out of it.

More info to come...

2006.11.06, 03:48 PM
Like I said, I wish I had more pictures...but here's my recap.


2006.11.06, 03:49 PM
i agree with spoon. it was a very entertaining event. if you like anime, you got the best of both worlds.

i had never been to an anime convention before so i had no idea what to expect either. i consider myself an anime fan as i watch many lesser known titles (to cartoon watchers anyway) like last exile, blood+, initial d, coybow bebop, etc. (see long running anime thread). i quickly learned that i am an anime novice at best however. we have all meet the hard core rc racer, now image that energy focused on anime.... not a real clear indication but you get the jist of it.

the space was HUGE. the neko con staff were extremly hospitable. the event attendee's were by and large very freindly people. $3 for a sprite was robbery from the concessions but that was run by the building people, not the neko staff.

i only that next year we can get the word out early enough with all the details to get a real event going. a race with all the neko con events would make for an very fun weekend.

2006.11.06, 04:34 PM
Like I said, I wish I had more pictures...but here's my recap.


I think Im glad you didnt post a pic of the track, cuz I wouldve been more dissapoiinted that I didnt make it out. My old lady had to call into work so I couldve totally come. I was pissed to say the least.

Anyway...next time I guess.

2006.11.06, 04:36 PM
I was really thinking about it Sunday morning... looking at the fresh Dexron/Mercron pouring into my case, wondering if she would hold out for another 500 mile round trip... how I would explain to my GF that I just went for a drive and got lost for the whole day... or better yet, explain how the car finally broke down and I was nowhere near a pay phone... ;)

I'm definitely on the list for next year though !!!

2006.11.06, 11:00 PM
I had a blast guys, and I can't thank you enough for coming down. I wish you could have stayed for the staff dinner sunday night. That's when you actually get to talk to the other staffers and there's no one running around like a chicken with their head cut off, screaming "no, they can't move a couch from the hall way onto the stage!"

I put a post on the Neko public forums asking for feed back from the attendees ( http://forums.nekocon.com/viewtopic.php?p=17033#17033 )

Spoon and Arch were both fantastic and answered all of my noobish questions about the Helios (I have serious controller envy!) and they hooked me up with a new differential and rear tires, too. I got a lot of practice in, which I desperately needed and a big dose of humility as they blew past me time and again :eek: Hope your wife had a good time, Spoon. Tell her I said thank you for coming down.

2006.11.07, 10:07 AM
Arch schooling me in MiniZ-foo.


2006.11.07, 11:24 AM
fyi, i am driving the yellow car :)

is there a neko gallery i can copy pictures from to post? you can dump them in your member gallery here if you wish as well. i also forgot to get a picture of hall b. did you happen to see any?

2006.11.07, 11:35 AM
There isn't an official gallery that I know of. I just use my photobucket account. Chris has a bunch more pictures that I haven't seen yet. You can see the cucumber eiffel tower in the background in that picture. lol

2006.11.07, 05:43 PM
Well... guess I made the right decision into not pushing it with the RC Gods (by going to 2 out of state events within one week)... My car died last night with a great bucking motion and a big whine of errant RPMs. If I go by mileage... that would have put me just above the DC region if I would have attempted to make the trip. (wonder what it would've cost to tow from there ? :eek: )

Now I have to figure out if it is the intelligent move to install a $1200 tranny into a car I only paid $1500 for... :rolleyes:

I wish Kyosho would make full scale cars !