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2001.11.05, 07:20 PM
this is a warning to everyone. If you get a new chasy, be veary veary carful when changing the parts, tis may be liter but be prepared to strip screws when you try to put them in.

2001.11.13, 12:03 PM
I have found the aftermarket chassis, I mean "Skeleton Chassis" seem to be weaker then the stock chassis.
Also, the only problem i have come across in changing chassis is the power switch. It is a pain to take out, and put in the the new chassis with out braking a wire or snaping the plastic :(
I haven't had problems striping screws. since the chassis parts are new, they are not threaded yet. Just make sure you use a good screw driver, one that will really bite the screw! This will make all the differance in the world!