View Full Version : "E - "C" clips

2006.10.08, 07:41 PM
Ok guys. whats the easy way to put E or C type clips on parts? The clip on the mr-02 ball diffs is not much of a problem. But theres 4 small clips on the Atomic sas suspension for the awd chassis that were a royal pain to put on. Ther must be an easy way or tool ? Thanks.

2006.10.08, 11:02 PM
mmmm idk if this is a good method, but i just brute force it on with my needle nose pliars.

2006.10.12, 09:22 PM
I had a set of needle nose with fuel line ofer them for installation and turnbuckle adjustment. Heatshrink works well too. However, don't try them for pulling something off, because they will not work well.