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2006.10.09, 10:02 PM
any candians seen the custom rydz sold by the source up north?? i was looking at them and noticed they are central motor 4wd, with a real solid axle....and the fornt axle could be modded easily in a solid one. of course, this would some custom fabrication, mostly of the front end links and shock mounts, and chassis (if you want to.) but what the heck! what are custom builds for huh? the top part of the front ifs is really flat, flat enough to mount a rectangular servo on it...the only thing that concerns me is the space in the inner part of the axle where the links, coils and driveshaft can go........
of course, the build quality is not nearly the same, but have around the same width, give or take a few mm, and the stock wheel base is a little bit longer....i am going to get 1 or 2 of these as they have a lot of posabilities for 1/28 4wd solid front axle....but this would kinda kill my xmod hummer, ah who cares?!? different build!
sorry just kinda sprung up in my head, plus the overland forum hasnt seen anything interesting in a while

2006.10.10, 04:46 PM
Need pics. :cool:

2006.10.18, 02:01 AM
Need pics. :cool:

Yes, please.