View Full Version : mini z f1 range fix needed

2006.10.15, 04:19 PM
Hi, I've been following all the threads of this site, but I am new to post.
The motor lead on my f1 touched my antenna and now I have almost no range. I know about similar fixes for xmods "blown inductors" but I haven't found any sites with working links specific to the f1 pcb. Is there anyone out there with experience or guidance in solving this problem?



2006.10.15, 05:01 PM
If motor lead touched antenna, with batteries in car etc... power on or not... then you simply need a new electronics set... dont bother fixing the antenna... you can try but it will never work as good as it use too.

All of the PCBs are basicly the same layout, a few newer versions released in newer cars, the old F1s have the same board layouts as the older MR01s etc... mostly the wires and the crystal holder are different on the F1.. wich can all be modified with a soldering iron if you use another cars pcb to fix your F1...

You can try attaching a piece of wire to the solder point on the other side of the diode/resister/fuse component next to the antenna solder point... usualy that component is what fries when it shorts out.. thus no antenna actually touching the pcb...