View Full Version : Exciting development thanks to John (of RCP)

2006.10.15, 06:34 PM
Just want to thank John for his excellent sales and service. I just recently ordered a few 50cm blank tiles to expand our major straightaway section from the usual 100cm to 150cm. This is in preparation for our big November Race, which is now been moved from November 4 and 5 to November 18 and 19.

From our last major race event, one of the biggest complaint was the narrowness of the straightaways that cause major crashes once a car stalls or gets stuck on the straightaways. Can you imagine a miniz at full speed coming towards another miniz that is stationary? Bit CRASH! Well, this happened to yours truly. The hit was so hard that the motor tabs gave and the endbell literally came off...something to think about when using the PN Racing or Atomic motor mounts the uses pre-drilled motors.

Anyway, this racetrack additon will definitely add a new dimension to an already exciting event. With the added width, I hope to see more cars passing each other on the straightways. THANK YOU JOHN.

2006.10.16, 10:47 AM
I have the same feeling MaxiZ. SRL (http://www.slotracersleuven.be) could get their hands on the 45 tiles, the wide radius corners and some extra blank tiles (especcialy those blank tiles) we needed and John helped me to get them. I want to thank him a lot for this. John, you're the best!

Our track during the last race, in the Video section there is a video too:

So, Thanks a Lot John!