View Full Version : HIRCR web site updates

2006.10.16, 09:26 AM
Finally got to spend a little time on the website this weekend. New pictures posted. Still have to fix the old pictures though, they keep loading wrong? New pics are in the F1,Miniz and 18th scale sections. Have more videos almost ready also and will be posting this week. Enjoy

2006.11.11, 07:39 AM
Site looks good... Track last night was super sticky and fast. I am up and ready for some racing... I am going to get a few things on order to get my mod car ready... See ya in a bit. I need to get my m-18 ready today..

2006.11.26, 11:41 AM
Just wanted to say thanks Trey and all the other racers. I had a great time. As usual the track was hooked up and the competition was great too.

I did see the results are up. Looking forward to next time.

2006.11.30, 11:13 AM
Thanks man, we have our next club race coming up on the 9th and 10th and then we,ll be at M&M hobbies for a couple Sundays in a row for some layed back fun races on a small track. Be sure Tanner can make those, hope to have some youngsters racin. Schedule updated, www.hircr.com

2006.12.14, 05:30 PM
I can't wait to there in January. Cheers till than.

2007.01.15, 02:44 PM
It was nice to meet you! Sorry you had tire probs, wonder if it was a big track more speed kinda problem? When you were runnin I could tell you were pretty fast. Beat my fast lap time of the day!