View Full Version : Mini-Z F1 diode replacement

2006.10.16, 12:00 PM
I have a mini-z F1 with a problem, a diode burned out :( .

The F1 pcb is a CS1 and the diode I referred is marked as D1 in the pcb.

Result is that the board was dead. I have an old IWAVER board and I swapped one diode from that board to the kyosho board. After that swap the board did in fact worked but the steering was to full right. I tried to use the POT (The silver in the board) to center but the steering centers and then moves to the opposite side. I used other steering pot from other MR02's that I have and the problem remains.
So I think the problem is that are differences between diodes.

So, does someone know's what type of SMD diode are?? And where can I get one? (this sound's so lame :cool: )

Best Regards

PS: Sorry for the bad english :)

2006.10.16, 02:16 PM
sorry, already figured out.

It was the steering motor wires. I replaced with thinner ones and now it's fine!!