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2006.10.16, 04:00 PM
I can't send pm's, it says pm's have been enabled, so I can't send them. I would like to send them, but it never works. From what I have heard, you can't send them at all, but I have heard of people sending them. So is the only way I can do it through an e-mail then?

2006.10.16, 04:15 PM
in teh 4 plus years i have been moderating this forum, the pm featuer has never worked.

2006.10.16, 04:34 PM
So it has never actually worked in the first place?

2006.10.16, 04:38 PM
draconious said it worked in the early days, some 5 plus years ago but never since i've been around.

so, yes, you have to email thru the member's profile. if you clik on their screen name on the left, you get a small pull down menu. if they have the email feature enabled you will see an option to email the member.

2006.10.17, 01:52 PM
I used e-mail instead.