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2006.10.24, 06:27 PM
wat r these epoch 1-43? are they better than xmods? how bout mini z's? just wonderin havent even checked out the price of them yet and i was just curious. if ne one has one of these could u tell me how they handle

2006.10.24, 07:08 PM
Click on the Epoch1-43.com banner and check them out. Better? Would depend on what you are looking for, at about 4 inches long comparing a 1/43 scale Epoch to a 1/28 scale Mini-Z or Xmod would be like comparing them to a 1/18 scale car.

About 4” long
Fully proportional like a Mini-Z.
Great handling
$50 current sale price.

Limited upgrades
Upgrading requires soldering and modeling skills.

For anyone with limited space who wants to drive daily, at least one Epoch is a must have.