View Full Version : 1/25th xmod "GTO DRIFT"

2006.10.24, 07:17 PM
So, I got bored a couple weeks ago and thought to myslef "I should try making a brushless xmod!". Since there has been other creations I've seen around I decided to fabricate my own version...I think the overall design is a good one. Besides the use of an almost full GPM gen 1 xmod package I designed my own lower and upper chassis plates to mount the various componentry for the brushless esc/Rx/li-po's. I used an e-Flite 2 cell pack for the power supply and an RC18 motor mount for the Mamba mounting.

In the grand scheme of things, I just created this project to see if it could be done...during various tests I could not keep the parts together or keep the wheels on the axles. It didn't matter what loctite or how many new locknuts I used, the power of the Mamba was too much for it even at 50% throttle.

I hope you enjoy the pics...Thanks for looking. ;)

2006.10.24, 07:42 PM
That is amazing...

It's a shame that it falls apart as speed, you could probably set a few records for smalelst and fastest.

2006.10.24, 08:45 PM
Maybe try alloy wheels and regular steel/nylon lock nuts instead of those plastic XMods nuts. Gotta bullet-proof everything with that kinda power! :eek:

2006.10.24, 10:38 PM
that is pretty amazing, i magine the speed that would have gotten if it could deliver it's power to the ground. i have thought about putting a brushless system in an xmod but the results were too scary to become true.
but somewhere they could be placed are the new micro-t, the mini-t's little brother....i think a micro-t is capable of wistaining the amount of force the mamaba system makes, of course, it would take a complete alloy drivetrain but it would be fast as hell.


2006.10.25, 12:58 AM
thats pretty awesome! Good job! There have been a couple tries at it but I don't think I ever saw anything successful. Can you give us a basic parts list?


2006.10.25, 01:07 AM
Those GPM parts are a must to get that driveline to run true. I know at least that much. My gen wun Xmods is close to stock other than those, those parts are a big improvement over the twisted stock plastic pieces.

2006.10.25, 09:17 PM
Thanks for your comments guys...I've really enjoyed the build up of this little beast.

It sits now just as a rolling chassis since I wanted to get the electronics and motor back on my RC18T. I might build up this puppy with standard brushed electronics but it'll involve some scrounging/saving of funds. I see a micro Spectrum Rx, Novak Spy and modded 180 motor on my Christmas list... :D

As for the Micro-T I can't wait to get mine(I'm on the wait list at my LHS)! I envison a Feigeo 12mm brushless fitting really nicely and some minor electronics swapping...all in the effort to get 20mph out of a 1/36th!!!!!! :eek: