View Full Version : Impromtu Laps run on Oct. 26th

2006.10.25, 01:07 PM
Not that this will really make a big difference but Spoon and I are getting together tomorrow evening at The Place in Charlottesville to run some laps, maybe some drift offs, and maybe some OL stuff.

I guess sometime right around 6pm.

(they have the pinion set there Spoon so you can get your replacement idler)

2006.10.25, 02:06 PM
(they have the pinion set there Spoon so you can get your replacement idler)

Cool, I'll plan on picking that up and bringing the OL back to life.

2006.10.25, 02:35 PM
are you going to test your new overland tiles?

2006.10.25, 02:55 PM
We used them last week...they were awesome. We ran a couple of OL's on them and they worked out pretty well. You could definitely flip one (overland) if you were going full speed but having it on RCP gave a little more traction than attaching to wood.

It was a pretty big hit. One kid tried his racer on the bumps...he didn't get so far.

2006.10.25, 03:12 PM
got further than I would think a F1 would get on there.
Hope my tires are here tomorrow.

2006.10.25, 05:22 PM
What is a good drift track to use?

2006.10.25, 08:00 PM
Not sure but I'll think about it. I'll look at some layouts and we can adjust the corners to make things a little easier. It might take some trial and error but I bet we could come up with something.

2006.10.25, 08:03 PM
Maybe something like this...from the Salt Lake Mini-Z site...


2006.10.25, 08:47 PM
Yeah that looks good to me. Ill bring whatever OL obsticals I can think of too.