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2002.04.10, 09:20 PM
Yes it is possible to install the micro servo in such a way as to use the standard tie rods, slight chassis modification required.

2002.04.11, 01:03 AM
so how does that handle?
i tried installing the same servo on my mini-z but i only cut up the
stock servo case and used it to support my hitec servo vertically...
thing i noticed though was that the hitec servo seemed
to change the steering at too high a rate,
i turn the wheel on my Tx a tiny notch and my mini-z turns alot
more than it did before...i think it might be that my servo is too
high up since i didn't cut into the chassis like you did...
this being the case, i have a longer servo horn connection
to the stock tie rods, hence, one little turn of the servo
is amplified by the length of the servo horn and results in too
much change in direction....
which servo horn did you use to connect to the tie rods?
the pics are a little bit fuzzy....

2002.04.11, 06:17 PM
Trimmed down the double to length and installed a piece of wire bent in a U into the end of the horn. The wire U actually engages the tie rod slot.

Not finished with the install as I need a brace in front of the tie rod to keep it from rotating 90 deg. and falling out. Should be a simple fix but just haven't gotten around to it.

Sorry about the pic quality, blame it on the camera or editing or just my lack of proficiency with photoshop.

The whole point of the exercise was to mount aftermarket electronics into the standard chassis and still be able to use the aftermarket hop ups.

2002.05.01, 02:14 AM
can you post more pix? the pix on the site is not very clear. I've seen ppl do this in Japan but they use a "pan" chassis with standard receiver and micro servo

2002.05.01, 06:01 AM
Thats really cool DAMZer!!!

A little rocket you´ve got there :D

2002.05.01, 11:55 AM
Is that micro servo holding out? its strong enough etc? half as good as stock servo? twice as good? about the same? Just curious its the servo I planned touse in my AWD chassis plan... and I wound up with no more room for anything bigger (and fitting all bodies, bigger = bigger body) hehe... sucks... also want to put it in my Z chassis eventualy when i rewire the whole thing.

2002.07.18, 09:45 AM
I agree with SSRberni The pics are sorta blurred and I can not read the text.

2002.07.18, 10:31 PM
The best I can do with what I've got, no macro function!!

2002.07.19, 04:02 AM

The (newfound) LHS where I got my Gyro has micro servo's :)
I think I'm off to pick one up at lunch time.
This Thread has inspired me to integrate full sized electronics to one of my Mini-Z's.
What do you think of an Orion Flash for the Mini-Z?

2002.07.19, 06:48 PM
Would be much better than the ES-01!!!

The profile would probably allow the ESC to be mounted lower and further forward. The older versions had the big cap attached to the wire leads. The newer version has it incorporated into the case. May be easier to make it fit with the old style-you could locate that big cap wherever space is available.

Alas my standard servo installation is gathering dust as it just did not handle as well as the stock. Post some of your clear pics on your tie rod linkage set-up.

2002.07.19, 07:48 PM

I am suprised at the fact it didn't handle as well as the standard Mini-Z.
I firmly believed that replacing the proprietary steering setup with a micro servo would be a plus!

What could possibly attribute to the degradation of the steering behaviour once the micro servo was fitted?
Before venturing into the engineering that's required on these types of conversions, I'm trying to work out if it is beneficial.

2002.07.19, 09:40 PM
The high mounted ESC!!

My first wire tie rod set-up was also sloppy. Ran out of umpf before I could get it refined. NML had the right idea using the DTM type steering setup mated to the micro servo Z!!

The second try with the stock tie rod and a wire center pivot on the servo horn was more precise but still needs some work. The saving grace of the wire tip at the end of the servo horn is that it gave some servo saver action to the steering!!

Needed to stiffen the front suspension more as transitioning exhibited more roll than stock. Probably easily overcome.

If you use the Flash, the CG issues should be greatly reduce!!

A bonkers Brit ought to get it spot on. Let's see some pics!!

2002.07.21, 03:21 PM
The traditional tie-rod style front end on the new Kawada M24 MID is a dream, I would suggest that you go for something like this. If you're not sure what I mean, let me know and I'll post pics.

2002.07.30, 09:41 AM
Pics are good! :-) POST PICS :-D

2002.08.03, 02:42 PM
Has anyone tried/thought of taking the ESC out of its heavy (for a mini-z at least) and shrink wraping it? I'm sure this owuld make it lighter and smaller at the same time.....

2002.08.03, 04:17 PM
There's somebody who's thinkin.

2002.08.04, 12:14 PM