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2006.10.25, 02:56 PM
Hi to everyone!
First of all, be patient with my english, Iīm not a native speaker.
So, I own Mini-Z Monster H2 and I am completely happy with that thing :). But I want to make and upgrade with better shocks, the original seems to be too weak. I read through many forums, but I did not notice any comments to 3racing allum. shock set.
Kyosho oil shocks are probably the best, right? Expensive, but specially good at jumps and outdoor driving.
GPM grease shocks... Mostly bad reviews, but if you drive mainly indoors, arenīt they enough? I mean, are they better than original shocks?
And 3racing? I have no idea, so please, if you know somethnig abou them, write it down.
I drive in 80% indoors, some jumps, some crawling (trying it). Any advices? :)

2006.10.25, 03:11 PM
First off, your english is pretty good.

To asnwer your question, I haven't used anything but the stock shocks on my monster. I have a set of oil shocks that I will probably put on today. When I get a chance to try them out I will report back.

Good luck.

2006.10.25, 03:48 PM
I am running kyosho oil shocks, and they are worth every penny. You'll find them way better than stock, especially if you are jumping. Mine also came with the spring set, which is also neat to tinker with.
I've heard mixed reviews about the GPM and am not sure about the 3Racing shocks though. But if you aren't worried about price, go right for the kyosho oil shocks.

2006.10.25, 04:13 PM
I'm running the 3racing oil shock on my Overland (they are the same) and I have been really impressed with them, and are a huge improvement over the stock shocks, especially for jumping. I have the Kyosho ones on my Monster and they seem to be pretty close to the same.

Note: they oil will work it's way out of either brand, so they do need to be re-filled every now and then.

2006.10.26, 12:00 AM
DOn't know about the ones for Mini-Monster, but the 3Racing oil shocks for the Mini Inferno are pretty good quality...but not quite as good as the Kyoshos. You can't go wrong with the Kyoshos.

2006.10.26, 04:40 AM
Thanks for answers and opinions. As I expected, Kyosho would be probably the best choice. And the 3racing- are you sure that they are oil filled? Hope weīre talking about this type : http://www.3racing.com.hk/x_products.jsp?x_carkit_id=13&x_title=Optional%20Parts%20for%20Kyosho%20Mini-Z%20Monster

2006.10.26, 07:51 AM
Hm - not really, as you cannot assume the quality of the Inferno shocks are as good as the ones for the Monster...

Generally - I have both here in usage:

- the Kyosho oil shocks are quite good and do their job


- the damping of the 3racing shocks is much better and ensure a better road holding ...



2006.10.26, 08:45 AM
the shock that you posted in your link are the same 3racing shocks that I have. they are great.

they do mount a bit different on the back, so if you are running a H1 body it will require a slight modification to the body so they don't rub. if you are running the H2 body or any of the other SUV bodies you should be just fine.

2006.10.26, 11:46 AM
So the shocks stick up past the top of the stays? It can also be an issue with the F 150 body, as the bed cover sits on the mounts as is.

2006.10.26, 12:07 PM
So the shocks stick up past the top of the stays? It can also be an issue with the F 150 body, as the bed cover sits on the mounts as is.

yes, it would probably be an issue with the F150 also. I made a small square cutout in the body to allow for free movement. here is a pic


2006.10.26, 12:30 PM
Iīve got an H2 body, so it shouldnīt be a problem. Well, it seems that Iīll try those 3racing shocks. Itīs still much cheaper than Kyosho...

2006.10.26, 12:44 PM
the 3racing set comes with the oil, 3 different spring sets (soft, medium, hard)

I have mine set up with the medium ones.

you shouldn't have any problems with the body clearance with the H2.