View Full Version : Pictures of track in Jackson......

2002.04.10, 09:29 PM
Here are a few pictures of the track in Jackson, we race every Saturday from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m., we hope to extend the track hours in the fall possibly weeknights from 7:00 to 10:00 this is the first week we have set up the track in the store it will remain in the hobby store for a couple of months if interest continues to grow we are prepared to set up a permanent location dedicated exclusively to Mini Z racing, if you want more info call (517) 768-1136.

2002.04.10, 09:33 PM
I guess I'd better do this one pic at a time.

2002.04.10, 09:52 PM
i'd actually like to race there..... i like the idea of the foam paddings as the walls..... so my mini-z bounces softly off the walls instead of a loud bang........

2002.04.11, 12:33 AM
MichiganZ, cool, I will certainly be down to check it out soon!

2002.04.11, 02:06 PM
OOOOO!!!! POKéMON!!!!! :D