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2002.04.10, 11:28 PM
Any foosball(gits/jits/table soccer) players here??

2002.04.11, 08:59 AM
Hell yah!!! I suck at it, but I love the game, fun to play if both people suck!!!

I don't have a table or anything, but it's the first thing I jump on at some of my friends' houses!!

2002.04.11, 10:30 AM
I got really good at it when we had a table at the place I used to work. Not sure how good I'd be now though!

2002.04.11, 01:08 PM

I South Africa, it's called Table Football.
Extremely popular as a means of gambling amongst the population.
Got to see it to believe it, 30 grown men crammed around a table football, watching two gladiatiors thrash it out with plastic men.
Quite emotional too, a goal is celebrated by shouting "laduma" but it's pronounced: "Ladooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooma"

Yea, I love the game too...

2002.04.11, 08:15 PM
I am what most of my friends call the "foosball champion", I cannot be beaten, by my friends atleast. Pet peeve, do not spin the players. Have you guys seen that sweet foosball trick shot were he dribbles (dont ask me how) then has it stick to a foot and shoots a sky high shot, it was a foosball all netter. This and bubble boy hockey rock.

2002.04.11, 09:49 PM
Mondo, we used to play for money at work; people started to lose interest after I'd taken all of their disposable income! :D

2002.04.12, 09:40 AM
SOrry ICE - but I just love to spin the hell out of the little players and try to poke people on the other side with the pole now days. I used to play and think I was pretty good... then one day I went to this bowling alley where all the homeboys hangout, and I was like ya I'll play you for $$ , lets get it on punks. Well, these guys blew me, I mean they blew my mind. They were doing things with these little players that I didnt even think possible. Top spin, bottom spin, passing across the table - scoring goals with their goalie , you name it they did it. I was skunked diznamit !! They even had one of the little foosball guys climb off the pole that hes hooked to, and he kick one of my little foosball guys ass. I was humbled... very humbled. So now when I am asked if I play foosbal, I just say "no I dont"

2002.04.28, 11:01 AM
I used to work at an amusement park which had a penny arcade featuring 12 new foosball tables. We'd spend breaks and lunch playing, and even go there on our days off to practice.
Had my own table for awhile, too.
I used to eat, drink, sleep and breath foosball.

Ah, but that was a long time ago.
I haven't even seen a foosball table in the last 5 years, I bet.

SSJ Char
2002.04.28, 01:56 PM
The ppl i know play foosball. They are going to the national foosball competition in LA. My brother is one of them. and the ppl that goto my arcade(as in the one that i goto). It just got a new tornado table so all the good players are playing more now. There is something like 3 tournys a week in the city, and they are pretty good.