View Full Version : Nrx-18

2006.10.31, 12:55 AM
Opinions on NRX-18 ?

What do you guys think of this car ?
How is the quality ?
I see it has a lot of parts that are interchangeable with Xray M18 that should be a good thing.

2006.10.31, 10:15 AM
I just sold mine to a friend and he's very happy with it. Not much info. on it though.

2006.11.01, 07:47 AM
i have both an m18 and the nrx and all that is interchangable is some bearings
spur ,diff-[mesh is ok] and bodies everything else is very different but i love the nrx18 it has a few efficiency issues and no gearing options but you get alot for your money

2006.11.05, 10:22 AM
Looking at what cars to keep in stock for our indoor track, leaning towards HPI Micro RS4 but local distributor is not carrying much spares ,same with Xray .Looking at my options or possibly to import my own kits and most importantly spares.

2006.11.06, 12:55 PM
One of our best racers bought one and tried to run it. There were features he liked about it but in the end parked and started running the Xray again. By the way I can count the # of times one of our Xrays has broken on one hand in the last year. Tuff good driving cars right out of the box.

2006.11.07, 11:30 PM
Most people run the X-Ray. I have two brushless X-Rays and they're a blast!

2006.11.08, 12:14 PM
The Xray is looking like a good prospect but the local agent is useless.
need to find a way to get stock.