View Full Version : Wisconsin Racers??

2001.11.30, 03:20 PM
Any one here live in WI that would be interested in getting together and doing some racing? I do not have a track but am thinking about trying to put 1 together.. I am trying to reorganize my house so I can make romo for this.

I am also willing to visit your track;) Also wondering if there are any known Mini-Z tracks around. There are a couple 1/10th tracks around, but they are not fun to race against... unless you have a 1/10 yourself. :p

2001.11.30, 03:58 PM
I live in Minnesota.
about 30 minutes west of the twin cities. not to far from the boarder :)

how far away from Minneapolis/St. Paul do you live?

I should have my track up and running in a week or two :)


2001.11.30, 04:14 PM
I live in the Green Bay area. I do make it to the twin cities about once a year. Do you have local tracks set-up by you? I do not know if there is no interest in this area for these "public" tracks or if know one around here really knows about these cars. The local hobby shops do not really cary anything for the mini-z's. Once in a while you will see aready-ser on the shelf. Where are tey all going?? :D