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2002.04.10, 11:35 PM
If your near the area....this would be the event to have fun at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAcing................*stock and *mod* classes


and NO...the slots don't make it difficult!!

www.slotcar.net for Pics

THe owner is excited to see some RC (miniatures like the mini-z and Micro rs4) on the track...I personaly have raced and practiced on this track and its surprisingly awsome!!!!

banked!!!! Bridge!!!! Straightaway!!!!!!!!!! what more can you ask for??? and the track is "raised" some for a great perspective of the racing from all angles!

Go check it out...and if your from the surrounding area?????>>>>>>>> April 15th 7 pm.....(monday) PRACTICE DAY!!!

>>>>>>>>> APRIL 22nd 7pm (monday) RACE DAY!!!!!

what an awsome time for all!! even if you just race on the track and NOT compete...its a so very cool feeling and the OWNER OF THE BUSINESS IS EXCITED TO SEE "RADIO CONTROL" TRY THE CURVES AND BANKS!

Great guys there......but remember....if visiting during the day there is "paying customers" that race slots and be respectful of his business ...he's a great owner and nice people who work there....if noone is on the track..have at it (for now)!!!

Check out your skills! and others.

Kev71H@aol.com local questions.

2002.04.12, 03:31 AM
It'd be a disaster if everyone wiped out and all smashed to the floor.......

2002.04.13, 08:41 PM
There is barriers on TURN ONE..so they don't go flying off....LIKE some of the slot cars do.....did you know that many kids of "SLOT" cars go upwards of 75mph???

2002.04.15, 01:50 AM
What are the restrictions on stock class? Is it 100% stock? Sorry if it's a newb question, I've never participated in an RC race before.


2002.04.15, 02:06 AM
stock class mostly has to do with engines and batts...in the mini-z stock...you have to have a stock engine....you choose your batts. You just cant' have a turbo or a Xmotor or anything. k? You should come..practice night is

THIS MONDAY....april 15th.....7PM

race........MONDAY April 22nd....7pm:)

2002.04.16, 03:51 AM
Thanks Kevin for showing us a great time at the slot car track tonight. I had a BLAST!
I was the dude running the silver Skyline MiniZ and bright red Skyline Micro.
Me and my buddies all had a great time and can't wait till next week. Yeah it can get kinda hairy with the edges, but that's just a part of the challenge and fun (I only fell off the track once).

See you in a week!


2002.04.17, 02:18 AM
Glad you had such a good time...If I remember right...we have the same frequency!!! LOL I will buy a backup one soon....

APRIL 22..........MONDAY NIGHT.....7PM.. can't wait either.

We had soo much fun! You have many ones that your telling? I'm not too familiar with this mini-z site and I would like to buy a Z sometime soon. If you can put out the word, that would be appreciated.

The racing this up and coming monday will be great don't you think? I love the banked track www.slotcar.net Is pretty awsome...

I am going to take a digital camera that monday and take pics of the cars and drivers and maybe of some action! :)

2002.04.23, 04:07 AM
once again, thanks Kevin for an awesome night of racing. We didn't have too much trouble with the crystals this time :) And you did a great job manually counting laps.

since my Z (Yellow Altezza IS300 to replace my busted up Skyline)was running soo sweet, me and my buds couldn't get enough and were the last to leave the store. Also managed to win the stock class race :)

Thanks again for a great night of racing!


2002.04.23, 10:50 AM
Thanks alot patchy!

Yes, we all had a wonderful time! I had such a blast (even though I was a bit tired after all of the excitement)

The slot car tract was cool wasn't it??? Expecialy for the mini-z I am going to purchase one also and run one! My micro rs4 was awsome also (managed to win my modified class also)

Manually lap counting was a pain in the neck but affective. Racing 6 cars at once in the modified mini-z was a challenge but it worked! Can't wait until NEXT monday night....I think its 9 pm?

9 pm monday nights seems a little rough for me.....but the track closes to slot car racers at 9 pm.....maybe I will work something out with the owner to have things start a little earilier....

talk to you later....


2002.04.24, 01:07 AM
out of curiosity, how did you determine the winners?

we run 4 - 5min heats and count the number of laps you did for the 5min. at the end of 5min. you're supposed to stop your car. the worst heat is dropped and they total your best three heats.

the track is divided into nine equal parts and assigned numbers (.1, .2, .3,.4 and so on) so say two racers complete 20 laps, but one stops between .1 and .2 (he made 20.1 laps) while the other stops between .3 and .2 (he made 20.2 laps) the guy who stops the farthest (in this case 20.2) wins...

2002.04.24, 03:53 PM

This is how I judged the winners..

We had assigned COLORS(*stickers*)(red,yellow,purple,black,white,o rang,ect) An individual will call out the color when the car/color passes the line..
We also race 5 min heats and count the number of 'COMPLETED" laps that car/color has made. we race 4 races usually there is a difference in number of laps almost always.
The winners are written down by the number of laps they completed. Racing 3-4 minis are easy to keep up with to tell which one was ahead of the other IF the number of laps were the same. (they know who was in front when the timer runs out)
THis is how I judged the race. (we had big stickers/colors for cars)

[2 people keep track of cars..one calling out color/other gives a notch on the paper beside the color for the lap.]

NOTE: Each color/car gets a "notch" written down for his lap and NO lap is counted UNTIL that car passes the LINE....so if he is INCHES away from the crossing line and the timer beeps?THAT LAP IS NOT COUNTED.

*fist place- gets a 1pt.
*second place- gets a 2pts.
* third place- gets a 3pts. ect.
**The lowest number WINS adding up 4 races...and if its a tie? We go back and count the highest number of laps that that racer ran during all of his races....SO...if there was a tie in the POINTS..we look at the results in the number of laps completed....(usually there is a difference of 1-8 laps) USUALLY it is rarely THAT close. :D

ESAMPLE?: note: 4 races=4 points BEST possible score
Car -*blue* TIED because his points added up to 6pts(second=2pts)( first=1pt)(second=2pts)( first=1pt) all add up to=5pts
****a total of all his laps completed in all his races could be 100 laps**** average of 25 laps per race

car-*YELLOW* TIED because HIS points added up to 6 pts also
****a total of all HIS laps was 96 laps*** Average of 24 laps per race.

ULTIMATE DECISION???? THE best racer will ALWAYS have more laps AND/OR wins than the others.
This settles the tie :D :D:p

2002.04.25, 01:24 AM

hmm... why not use numbers instead of colors??? i think they're easier to call out... (same here, there's a caller - the guy who calls out the numbers of the cars that make a lap... and a catcher - the guy who tally's the laps made by the racers (basically makes the notches on the piece of paper as you mentioned)

i've got a question though... what if there are two cars who are dead even on a heat? say both of them make 25 laps, how do you determine the winner? or is the 1 point split between the two? and what happens if this happens in the next 3 heats? (unlikely though, but who knows?)

races at our track have been really close, i think one time two racers were separated by .3 of a lap to determine who won....

cool track too... and have fun on your next race...

2002.04.25, 06:44 PM
I was the caller on one of the races with about 6 mod-class mini-z's. Big, bright colored dots are hard enough to see when these little cars are wizzing by at 15 miles an hour. Number tags would be near impossible to read i think, at least on that track.
But I think an automated lap counting system should eventually be implemented..


2002.04.27, 05:58 PM
I was at the track today: it was great. A little slippery, though, and I couldn't see my car under the bridge. I had my F1 hooked, though. Hope you can get some Saturday races going, though.

2002.04.28, 12:59 PM
Is there a schedule for running the mini-z? am assuming the slot people have most of the time on the track.

2002.04.28, 01:48 PM
Basically, from my understanding, Mini-Z racing is whenever there's no slot people. I was in there running and some slot people come in so the guy gave me $2 of my $5 back and gave me "about 20 more mintues." I had been there for about, I dunno, maybe 30 minutes so...

2002.04.29, 12:30 PM
Yea, If there are no slot car people (being that is how he makes most of the money there) you can run your mini-z (or micro rs4)

Monday nights are practice nights.....I am trying to get them to agree on a earlier time.......right now it is at near 9 pm! I just can't stay until 10 or 11 on monday nights that often....Maybe I will get them to agree on 7pm on until 9 or so.

And numbers would be hard to see. Colors are much better when watching them wizz bye.

As for a close race....the cars are not hard to tell who is in first and who is in second. When there are the same total of laps and just seconds or less then a second then the "winner" knows who he is. WE constantly call out who is winning and who is second. Since the track is raised up a couple feet the "photo finish" is very clost to eye level compared to ground distance.

All and all..it was not "hard" to keep score...the person giving the notches just can't watch the race that much..he keeps his eyes on the paper giving a notch for every color and glancing at the stopwatch . 5 mins is not that long..but is plenty of time when racing. Much of the times there are 25 to 30 laps completed.

******** I just bought a Mini-z F-1!!!!*** hope to race it soon.*

Anyone else race F-1 mini-z?

2002.05.01, 12:22 AM
Mini-z schedual.

Ok fellas.......www.slotcar.net (Slotcars Unlimited)

Monday nights are PRACTICE nights..starting at around 7pm..goes to about 9 or so. For both mini-z and Micro RS4

RACING SATURDAY MORNINGS....** NOTE**: the 1st and 3rd SATURDAY MORNINGS of the month is RACING.

9 am........ ** starting the 3rd Saturday of MAY****

I am thinking of starting a SAN JOSE/&/BAY AREA. thread.

You can call the number on that website (click to the link on it for the full slot cars unlimited site.

The numbers are growing on the mini-z awareness of "racing" I hope to help it get really popular....:D

2002.05.01, 07:34 AM
Is the mod class totally open? So can I race with my X-Speed and FET upgrade?

2002.05.02, 01:07 AM
Yeah mod class is pretty much anything you want. There were even some handwound motors racing last time.


2002.05.04, 08:42 AM
How much does racing cost?

2002.05.06, 01:52 PM
This track is cool with the mini z's……cant wait till next meet

Kev, pizza night?????

2002.05.15, 01:16 PM
Monday night...pizza night!!! Wanna do it? I have not got the flyers out yet for this saturday..(Unfortunately I can't be there...out of town this weekend)

**$$$ 5.00 RACE fee.***

3 dollars to practice for the day on mondays.....(usually after 4pm) but if there is not slot people..I think you can make a go at it...sometimes they don't charge..but they have to make some kind of money somehow....if they are not getting money from slot car people......

Questions about the track?? ---> www.slotcar.net

check it out.

Monday nights 10++ on the fun factor. We are starting to arrange "race practices" MINI-Z/MICRO PARTS AVAILABLE and FOAMS are available also!!

come race with us!

p.s. Will work on flyers Bernie!! email me Kev71H@aol.com we can swap phone #s **This forum does not notify me if someone posts on this site..so I have to check it periodicaly! later!

2002.05.15, 01:18 PM

Mini-z F-1 encouraged....we are starting to get a few coming...verrry cool!

2002.06.04, 02:26 AM
ahhhhhhhhhhh......another cool night at the track. Bernie, good to see ya there.

I will try harder to get out the word about www.slotcar.net location for Mini-z racing. I heard that the last saturday race was very very slim. I didn't advertise it..and the shop there didn't either.

Lets try to advertise this next one coming up. remember

***The 1st and 3rd SATURDAYS of every month**** If there is a bad turn out like the last time....we may not hold "races" there..and TROPHIES will not be able to be bought. THE TROPHIES ARE NICE.

Support of this track is essential and it has to be "somewhat" proffitable to the owner. sooo..we need to get guys to come and practic/race on monday nights.....and saturday mornings (I can't be there for many Saturday events...just too much to do on weekends)

***All in all....................RACING AGAINST EVERYONE THIS MONDAY NIGHT WAS THE SHIZZZZZ!!!!!!! Can't wait to do it again.


2002.06.04, 10:15 AM
There's mini-z racing every Sunday at Monterey Hobbies in Sand City, which 1 hour south of San Jose. This track is not a slot car track--it was designed for minis and micros. We built it using a combination of fiberglass, masonite, and rubber track surface. We've tried to flip cars off it--no way--the rubber track surface gives the cars plenty of traction, yet not too much to inhibit speed.

2002.06.04, 05:02 PM
But Sand City is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo far away for people like me. San Jose is good because you get people from all over the Bay Area. I know its a one hour drive to San Jose for me, I'm definately not going to take the extra time to go to Sand City. Plus, for me, it's 3 hours to get to Monterey from here. And the slotcar track is fine. Could benefit from a tad more traction, though. And more people, definately more people.

2002.06.04, 10:37 PM
Our track is portable. We may be in San Jose or at the Bay Area at some point. Just give us a parking lot with about 15 car spaces for our track!

2002.06.05, 02:06 AM
That would be great if you come to San Jose. I may be able to get you a location with that many car lots to take up. I was one of the ones who went to the slot car place and talked to the owner.

I have been taking time to give out flyers at the local hobby shops for the slot car location. (I do not work there) I may come to the Monterey location (my wife and I go there almost weekly) If you could come to San JOse that would be great....mini-z following is pretty big here. JUST NEED TO ADVERTIZE MORE FOR RACING/RUNNING around.

Feel free to email me or post.


Crash Rehven
2002.06.14, 11:46 PM
Hi guys!

Do you guys practice every Monday night?
I need the practice :D
... then maybe I'll work up the guts to race for real!

by the way, is slot cars unlimited out by Nickel city?

2002.06.15, 07:00 PM
yep it's right near Nickel City on Camden.


Crash Rehven
2002.06.16, 01:16 AM

See Y'all soon!

2002.06.16, 04:39 PM
HI....would like to say hello to the great people that raced on Saturday (good racing Brandon)

Anyway.......it was not the turn out that I thought there was going to be........fellas (and ladies) IS Saturday (1st and 3rd saturdays) MORNING at 9:30 am a bad time????



small charge for the 4HRS

NOTE: There is GREAT POSITIVE responses to racing on this SLOT CAR track. Virtually most of everyone loves it. Not sure why not many come for actual "RACING" though. We have people coming from even OAKLAND!

BAY AREA POEPLE.......please give opinions on the race schedual. very dissapointing this last saturday......

BUT......Monday nights seem to be a HIT. should we race on MONDAY NIGHTS?????? tell me what you think....I work for that slot car location..but I do get to give opinions on what is best for most racers and consideration on YOUR opions helps.

Trophy plaques given last saturday....they are pretty cool plaques and will look great on display.

Return replies asked for..thanks!


2002.06.16, 05:20 PM
Originally posted by Kev71h
HI....would like to say hello to the great people that raced on Saturday (good racing Brandon)...We have people coming from even OAKLAND!

Go me! Time to put foams on the front, though.

BUT......Monday nights seem to be a HIT. should we race on MONDAY NIGHTS?????? tell me what you think....I work for that slot car location..


2002.06.16, 06:41 PM
Hey Guys. See ya all there soon! Must upgrade my car first. Atleast to a point that i don't embarrass myself. Zoom Zoom!

Crash Rehven
2002.06.16, 06:57 PM
Keep the races on saturdays... Mondays = Weeknights = work next day....

I'll try to make it out on the saturdays, but I might not have time til after august 3rd... My wedding day... til then my weekends are sort of busy.

2002.06.16, 08:37 PM
Originally posted by maxmo
Hey Guys. See ya all there soon! Must upgrade my car first. Atleast to a point that i don't embarrass myself. Zoom Zoom!

There is a stock class for people with unmodded cars if people with stock cars want to race. It just depends on how many people show up. The racing was real good this weekend. Kev and Ray were battling for first all day and I was up there for a few laps each race till my front tires gave way.

About Monday racing, the Oakland contingent definately can't make it on Mondays. My ride has to work and I have my Japanese class.

2002.06.17, 05:23 PM
im coming over from Vallejo........see ya'll there

2002.06.17, 06:35 PM
Originally posted by SSRberni
im coming over from Vallejo

Showoff! :D

2002.06.29, 10:02 AM
Hi fellas,
I just got back from OHIO a few days ago. I went there to RACE My radio Controlled airplane. Pylon racing. I didn't do very well this trip. 6th out of 22. Not awful but not good. Last month I got 1st place on Saturday...and 2nd place on Sunday......and ALMOST got a "Fast time" trophey also...but was slightly short.


I was not at the slotcar Location last monday.....a good turnout? I heard it was a little slim? Hope not. The slot car owner is really nice to let us use the track for a nominal price for the hrs used.


Remember that.

* There is a portable track in Monterey that looks even better than the BIG slot car track we run on........I didn't think it got much better than that...but IT DOES.

I have talked to the nice people that own the track and they are willing to bring the track to San Jose...just need a good number to race on it!! I personally can't wait.

************I just bought a lexan body for my F-1!!!******

Pics soon. It's looking awsome!!


2002.06.29, 04:43 PM

Are you back in town? Our next race in Monterey is July 7th and we could use some sign work.

2002.07.01, 02:44 AM
Ahh..yes.........I jotted your phone Number down in my Log book. I was about to call you. I am working with some software (sign making software) and I hope to be ready b4 the 7th. I will be getting in touch with you soon.

******** Mean while...I was working ona new body for the F-1 check it out!!!


2002.07.01, 02:47 AM

Rick..........I have your foam tires done! Will have them there for you tomorrow (monday night)

2002.07.01, 03:53 PM
i'll be there tonight!
hopefully i won't wreck too many servo gears this time :P

-patchy (dude with the black lexan ferrari)

2002.07.01, 07:19 PM

apache.............see ya there tonight.....

bring the fellas!

Pizza night???? tonight??? we will see.

racing..........gotta do it.


2002.07.02, 07:39 PM
pics can be seen in the "bodies" part of the thread(s)

2002.07.03, 07:13 PM

For some reason..turnout with mini-z racing at this slot car location (By Nickle city San Jose) has been a little slim...why?

Not sure...but trophies/plaques to be won......like this one

Hope to see many there.....THIS saturday...

and every 1st and 3rd saturday mornings... 9:30 am!!!!!

2002.07.04, 06:49 PM
Hi Kev, you may not remember me (have not come to the store for a while, very busy with work), I usually run the white Trueno or the silver Skyline.

I am not sure I can make it this saturday. You think there will be a good turn-out being a long weekend?\

What are the prices for running the races?

Cool trophy pic.


2002.07.05, 12:08 AM
YES.......there is a schedual

Monday nights....after 5 pm......5-9:30pm. A nominal fee is asked for....but its not bad for the huge track..plus the owner is losing 8 dollars per "slot car driver" NOT to race on the "big blue" track. so we are chaged about HALF THAT for almost 5 hrs!!! A great deal..plus the racing/ practicing is wonderful.

Monday nights 5-9:30 *** 1st and 3rd SATURDAYS ..RACE DAYS!!!! 9:30 am race time! Trophie/plaques awarded 1st 2nd 3rd. support is needed on RACE DAYS (saturdays A.M) but monday nights seem to be supported pretty well usually!! We have mock up races....F-1 encouraged

2002.07.13, 12:58 AM
We have some new interest...Mini-z people comming in. I think we need some more local flyers at the hobby shops to get a little more interest.

We have good turnout..but could have more. MONDAY nights...from 5 till close...(9:30 pm..or 10)

Racing (trophey placings 1,2,3) 1st and 3rd saturday mornings..9:30 AM.

Cant wait to see you local guys (even from oakland) THIS monday night... July 15th.