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2006.11.02, 02:27 PM
You find yourself bored and bring to life old cars, that should by all rights been tossed, back to life.

I have 1 Iwaver02M sitting around without a PCB. Looks nice on the shelf covered in dust so why not and try to get it working again. Hmmmm...

Problem one, the plastic chassis is about as stiff as a wet noodle. Fix, made my own CF chassis. That was easy enough, trace, cut and drill. Worked out great.

Problem two, need a new PCB. AS all my iwavers//firelaps/mini-z are working perfectly and all tuned for racing i ain't touching those. And i'm not willing to blow money on a new PCB for this project. I found a dusty (man my garage gets dust) IW01 PCB. Test it out and presto There's my PCB.

Problem three, the steering servo is slower than molasses on a cold winters day. Need to switch out the motor in the servo. I had a Hitec HS50 with stripped gears with a motor that will fit great. And yes it did work out great.

Now for the test. I ran 50 laps with my mini-z mr02 stock and 50 laps with the IW. With alittle tunning (stiffer front springs, ball diff and soft tires) the IW handled just as well as the mini-z. I did have my steering speed turned to 50% and my steering curve set at -45% to get it to turn like the mini-z but wow i'm glad i got it working and not just tossed it out. It's very nimble, and handles the Speed 05NM power very well.

I've got a video to post tonight and some more pictures to go along with it. I'm planning to race it this month in the stock mini-z class.

With all the issues with the new PCB Iwaver is working on for the IW02M, i can see the chassis's design being a true comptitor to the MR02 chassis.

2006.11.02, 02:58 PM
Looks good. What did you use to cut the CF?

And how did you get an 02M when they haven't been released afaik?

2006.11.02, 03:22 PM
I just used fine toothed band saw. All the lines were straight so it was pretty easy.
I got a few samples of the chassis before they decided to go with the FM PCB. This is just one of them.

2006.11.02, 05:15 PM
Are the 02M bodies available yet? I want their white Mini Cooper S body for my Kyosho's. Anyway you can get a hold of one?

2006.11.02, 06:09 PM
Nothing is available yet.

2006.11.02, 06:52 PM
That stinks. I hope they get it fixed and released soon. I'm anxious! I think the white Mini Cooper S body would be sweet on my AWD Mini-Z. Detach the rear and make it FWD. Yes I know the Kyosho's Mini Cooper S body is available in white non-decorated body, but I like the finish of Iwaver's body.