2002.04.10, 11:40 PM
If your near the area....this would be the event to have fun at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAcing................*stock and *mod* classes


and NO...the slots don't make it difficult!!

www.slotcar.net for Pics

THe owner is excited to see some RC (miniatures like the mini-z and Micro rs4) on the track...I personaly have raced and practiced on this track and its surprisingly awsome!!!!

banked!!!! Bridge!!!! Straightaway!!!!!!!!!! what more can you ask for??? and the track is "raised" some for a great perspective of the racing from all angles!

Go check it out...and if your from the surrounding area?????>>>>>>>> April 15th 7 pm.....(monday) PRACTICE DAY!!!

>>>>>>>>> APRIL 22nd 7pm (monday) RACE DAY!!!!!

what an awsome time for all!! even if you just race on the track and NOT compete...its a so very cool feeling and the OWNER OF THE BUSINESS IS EXCITED TO SEE "RADIO CONTROL" TRY THE CURVES AND BANKS!

Great guys there......but remember....if visiting during the day there is "paying customers" that race slots and be respectful of his business ...he's a great owner and nice people who work there....if noone is on the track..have at it (for now)!!!

Check out your skills! and others.

Kev71H@aol.com local questions.


2002.04.10, 11:58 PM
When I was reading this post I was all like"sweet I actuall race that I could more than likely go to!!!!
But then I saw it is on a monday.:(
why is it on a monday night? I live in SoCal and would be willing to go up there since I have a brother up in Millbrae area and would be sweet to race him and others with mini-z. Plus wouldn't more people go if it was on a week end? Or is this just a tester race to see if people will race ther mini-z on that slot track?


2002.04.11, 12:08 AM
DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT sucks your in SoCal

for ONE.....its kind of is a "testor" to see what kind of turn out and what racing will be like.

for TWO Monday night seems to be a pretty good night since some "go away" on weekends or have family stuff. Friday nights can be go out nights....

A poll was asked to some individuals and monday seemed to be a pretty cool night for the "first" race and "practice" stuff....some guys have already went there to practice..and found it surprisingly fun...............it is a DRIVING course more than a speed demon course and it definately sharpens your skills....and within a number of laps..you get the hang of it and your RIPPIN!!!!! the banked turns "feels" kinda odd at first..then you roll with it and its absolutely AWSOME!

Some Micro RS4s race also...and its a blast!

Sorry about the day (for now) Maybe You can tell who you visit here sometimes about it...and he can give you a full report of it!!


Kev71h@aol.com direct questions. or post here.