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2006.11.08, 11:49 AM
Event Details:

When: Sunday, Nov 26th


track build starts at 12 noon
open practice from 12:30-1:30pm
qualifying at 1:30-3:00
mains at 3:00-5:00
teardown at 5:00-6:00

A detailed agenda will be provided at the event once everyone is entered.

Where: Seniors Life Enhancement Centre (Centre 2). Map link is below.

Cost: price is $20 for non-club members, $15 for club members. Reminder that as club member (which currently holds no fee) you are required to help teardown or setup the track. If not, you will be required to pay a $5 fee.

Note the center rental fee is $10 per person. The other additional costs in your entry fee go to the costs of renting the CORE system as well as supplies, like printer stuff, etc…remember MC3 is non-profit.

Classes: 2wd stock, 4wd stock, open mod (2wd and 4wd), F1 Open.

There will be a 3 field minimum for each class to run.

Rules used will be the same as PN Cdn Regional (&/or PN World Cup) with the exception that you can use the following motors:

2wd stock/4wd stock: atomic stock/PN speedy AWD/PN speedy 05/Kyosho X-speed
Open mod: anything you want (i.e. Atomic T2/PN Macho/PN Anima etc…)
F1: open- anything you want except if the majority of ppl are stock, you should use a stock motor.

Setup will consist of 5 RCP tracks (like the Cdn regional). We will not be setting up a junior track for this event.

Everyone is invited regardless of being an offical club member or not. A CORE Transponder is required for this race. Cost is $15 per transponder and is recommended for each class entered, however not required.

Click here to get a googlemap link:


Contact me at 647-519-8074 if you need assistance or alternatively, email me at Sinister_Y@sympatico.ca

2006.11.08, 01:07 PM
Hi All,

Sorry for any inconvience, this event is postponed until further notice. A replacement date or location will be provided in the near future.

Thank you.