View Full Version : MC3 Winter Race Series: 1st race: Sunday, Nov 12th

2006.11.08, 04:29 PM
Hi All,

We'll meet this Sunday, November 12th at the Senior's Enhancement centre for our 1st Winter Series club race. I'll try to schedule an event (at least) once a month which doesn't conflict with major 1/10 events or other mini-z events.

The CORE timing system that the club uses is able to track "points" and sort heats based on those points (and competitor's qualifying and main times). So, we're going to use (and test) that functionality starting with this 1st race. Also, as usual with the CORE system, laptimes and results will be available for download off the club website for personal review or bragging rights.

I had warned everyone who had turned up at previous events that at some point there would be a club membership fee. The planned membership fee will be around $25 for the year. This fee would reward you with benefits not available to non-club members. That time will be coming, but for now, rest assured that there are no club membership fees for now. I have some very exciting and rewarding benefits planned for people who become a registered club member, however as details are still being worked out with supporting manufacturers, I will digress for now.

To keep entry costs down, these races will not feature trophies, but top 3 winners in their mains will be given trophy tags. There are plans to offer club members a F1 style wood steering wheel that will have places to put their winner's tags for the 2006/2007 season at a later date.

I am also working on getting sponsor help for the final race at the end of season. Hey, remember, I'm the guy that brought you the amazing PN Canadian Regional along with all those 'extra' sponsor prizes, like the Kyosho MR-015 from A&J Hobbies! So, come support the club and these races, you'll be thankful.

Here are the event details:

When: Sunday, Nov 12th


track build starts at 1 pm
open practice from 1:30-2:30 pm
qualifying at 2:30-3:30 pm
mains at 3:30-4:30 pm
open practice 4:30-5:00 pm (if time permits)
teardown at 5:00-6:00

A detailed agenda will be provided at the event once everyone is entered.

Where: Seniors Life Enhancement Centre (Centre 2). Map link is below.

Cost: price is flat $20 for non-club members, flat $15 for club members. Reminder that as club member (which currently holds no fee) you are required to help teardown or setup the track. If not, you will be required to pay an additional $5 fee (i.e. total $20). No pre-registration is necessary, just come on Sunday to join us or feel free to shoot me an email/call me. Flat means that no matter how many classes you enter, it is the same flat fee, i.e. for club member entering 4 classes the cost is still $15 total (like for 3 classes, 2 classes or 1 class).

Note the center rental fee is $10 per person. The other additional costs in your entry fee go to the costs of renting the CORE system as well as supplies, like printer stuff, trophy tags, etc…remember MC3 is non-profit.

Classes: 2wd stock, 4wd stock, open mod (2wd and 4wd), F1 Open.

There will be a 3 field minimum for each class to run.

Rules used will be the same as PN Cdn Regional (&/or PN World Cup) with the exception that you can use the following motors:

2wd stock/4wd stock: atomic stock/PN speedy AWD/PN speedy 05/Kyosho X-speed
Open mod: anything you want (i.e. Atomic T2/PN Macho/PN Anima etc…)
F1: open- anything you want except if the majority of ppl are stock, you should use a stock motor.

Setup will consist of 5 RCP tracks (like the Cdn regional). We will not be setting up a junior track for this event.

Everyone is invited regardless of being an offical club member or not. A CORE Transponder is required for this race. Cost is $15 per transponder and is recommended for each class entered, however not required.You can get the transponders at the race.

Address info is:

Seniors Life Enhancement Centre (Centre 2)
2041 Cliff Rd
Mississauga ON L5A 3N8

See you all there!


Shawn Yerxa

2006.11.08, 05:26 PM
Hi sinister

How many ppl have signed up so far? Or approx how many ppl do you think will be there? Races are always more fun with more cars

2006.11.08, 08:36 PM
Yo Dougboy,

Around 6 preliminary ppl so far and me...so that makes 7 I guess. Anyway, I know I posted this late and some ppl I talked to have plans for the weekend, but this is only time I have free until James' race on Dec 3rd which I promised I would attend.

Club members are ALWAYS encouraged to plan and run an event. The stuff is yours to command. So, feel free to volunteer to plan and hold an event.

I will ask that anyone interested (who is in the area.... I know your online names! so anyone out of the area, I gotch ya on the lookout) respond with yays. That way I can track who ever plan to turn up. I will also post on MinizCanada and Boytoys forums and email the group.

You planning to make the trip?

2006.11.09, 05:08 PM
You planning to make the trip?

I wish i could but im busy this sunday. Plus im waiting for some parts for my car to come in.

I will be lookin forward to seeing pics and vids from this event :)