View Full Version : nelly or v2.2?

2006.11.09, 12:04 PM
Well, I'm looking into getting a woahnelly or the atomic v2.2. I've been reading alot about fet's and external turbos but still have some questions ...

1)is there a delay when using stacked fets? what about jitter?
2) if I go with the nelly or atomic v2.2 can I retain reverse and brake function?
3)if using the nelly or atomic can I still use stock 4 AAA batteries? It sounds like there may be an issue using the atomic using the 4 standard battery setup. Can anyone elaborate on that?
4)opinions, stacked fets, nelly, or atomic? alternatives?

Basically I want some pretty big speed and torque and dont think stock fet's w/upgraded motor will be enough.

Any help would be appreciated.

2006.11.09, 02:21 PM
You can't use a Nelly deluxe or V2.2 with a stock battery setup because of the voltage regulator. You'll retain brake function and reverse.

If you're using stock cells the evo nelly(I think thats what he calls it now, the 1.2) is probably the best choice.

2006.11.09, 03:13 PM
The nelly evo works pretty well with the AWD. You have to be a little creative routing the wires and having a dremel tool helps but it's very possible.

This is the only picture that I have right now with the AWD and Nelly...I can get a couple more if you are interested.

2006.11.09, 03:19 PM
yea definently get the nelly evo. That 2.2v might be able to handle 30v and 30amps but what use is that when you're doing an average 4.8v car. The nelly will be better for your purpose because it allows you to do all that you want with a lot less resistance.

2006.11.09, 04:10 PM
So really I need to add cells like 2 more AAA or run Lith Ion to best utilize the Nelly Deluxe? Or I can go with the Nelly Evo and run stock cells ...

Just want to be sure before I do anything. Thanks guys!

MINIz guy11
2006.11.09, 04:41 PM
nelly evo and stock cells work. adding 2 more cells doesnt work out well although, can work. li-ion works and li-poly works for the deluxe also.

2006.11.10, 03:07 PM
yeah I'd recommend Stock cells and nelly evo. The higher voltage is a little overkill. Its definently great for stupid fast cars thouhg. (if ya wana do that then i'd recommend that you use li-poly)