View Full Version : Stupid Question

2006.11.10, 07:44 AM
Thinking about adding an OL to my every growing list of Z's but wanted to know if they were AWD or not? I can't seem to find the answer on any of these threads but from what I can tell they are not.

If they are indeed 2WD is there any real issue with that and being able to crawl around on stuff?

2006.11.10, 07:53 AM
They are 2WD...if they were 4 that would be awesome. as far as crawling ... do a search on crawling and see what comes up. You can do it.

2006.11.10, 08:05 AM
if you must have awd, look into the xmods evo truck. it will take some work to get it where you want it but it may be easier than modifying an overland to make it awd.

there are threads on capable xmods trucks already and MANY threads on crawling in general.