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2006.11.12, 04:00 AM
Ok i've got a big race coming up this next weekend and i'm alittle worried. :confused:

Here's my problem - the system works from the start and i can enter cars, but at any given time in a race my whole computer freezes I mean lock solid and i need to reboot! I'm running Winxp and have done nothing to my system since last season.

I've deleted the program a few times and reinstalled but the problem persists. I've gone so far as to delete the program and cleaned out the regedit, reisntalled and it works. I'm running version 1.0 but have 1.1 as well.

Any ideas as to why my whole system would freeze? It only freezes when core is running. I've played games, surfed, excel, word, and a slew of other programs. But only with Core does it freeze.

2006.11.12, 10:34 AM
hmmm. i don't think i've ever had it freeze my pc.

i hope you find your solution.

obvious question but not of much help, do you have another pc to use?

2006.11.12, 12:30 PM
We had a similar problem, and we found out it was the USB ports that were malfunctioning.

Anyway we upgraded the computer and it was solved.

2006.11.12, 02:31 PM
How do i check my usb ports?

That could be it. Last year it was running on the front usb's, this year i could get the box to initilize of the front usb, so i plugged it into the back usb and now i get freezing.

2006.11.12, 03:08 PM
How do i check my usb ports?

That could be it. Last year it was running on the front usb's, this year i could get the box to initilize of the front usb, so i plugged it into the back usb and now i get freezing.

I haven't had this problem, it does sound like you are having some USB issues though.

2006.11.12, 03:21 PM
I checked my usb drivers and they are all working. The front pair work but will not read the core box. The back work but only sometimes does the box initilaze. I haven't had the system up online for a few months I'm going to try to update the drivers today online and see what happens. I do think it's a usb problem as everything else works.

It funny though, the green light on the box stays on when the program freezes. So it's getting power. Hmmmmm I've got 4 days to get this working....

2006.11.12, 11:12 PM
ok updated windows and removed all games my system is back to bone stock.

I still freeze up. If i try to do anything while in the program it freezes up. SOmetimes the core box doesn't initilaize at all. I need to double click the icon 2 or 3 times before is opens.

What gives?

Does Core still look here????

I need some serious help on this, i've got a huge race this weekend and with out the system working.....


2006.11.13, 01:41 AM
test on other pc yet? (i didnt read whole thread), umm... try running the software with out the counter plugged in? narrow it down to software or the hardware?

2006.11.13, 01:57 AM
I've narrowed it down to the software. I unplugged the box and ran the program. Went to resize the window and freeze city. I've uninstalled it a few times and the same thing, on both versions.

I have tried it on another PC and it works fine haven't run any races with it yet but it's a back up to the weekend at least. I tested it with the box plugged in and resized the window, ran some mock races and loaded up 10 drivers and it's all good.

So i've narrowed it down to my race computer, what the heck is going on I'm stumped..... :confused:

How do i clean it out of my reg?

Dusty Weasle
2006.11.13, 04:10 AM
That happens to me too. Every race weekend like clockwork, I scan the drivers in and usually before we can even start practice, the system freezes. I have to pull the battery to get it to shut down and restart. Then like magic, no problems the rest of the day.

It does happen occasionally when not using CORE, but itís regular as a heartbeat when I do. Otherwise no problem.

Itís a Dell Inspiron 5100 running XP and the older version of CORE software (the one that uses jpg). It's also running a Logitech wireless mouse out of the second USB port (problem was there before that however).

(Tried to update XP, but Microsoft refused and now pops up Ďnot a genuine copyí all the time. This despite having the holo-sticker on the bottom and disks in hand that were installed by Dell. Very annoying :mad: ).

2006.11.13, 08:35 AM
The windows update site, does not support windows XP any more.. only Windows XP SP2 :) - hey if they can keep selling software packages that are betas, and copies of the previous, for 200-400$... they are going to, so you have to buy a new one. I wont pay for windows because it is criminaly priced.

Manualy goto the windows update page... dont use the start menu/control panel link.

2006.11.13, 09:22 AM
drac, you lost me man.... you don't have to buy anything to get update support for xp sp2. all you have to do is prove you have a legal copy via thier validation process. thats all it takes. if you bought a copy of xp sp1 or earlier, all you should have to do is go thru the validation process to download/install the sp2 updates. i think you can still find them on disc but in the end you will still have to validate your install to get future updates. as you mention, there are likely manual ways to get the specific updates you need if you look in all the crevices of the ms update site.

dusty, was your pc new with it installed or used with it installed and maybe incorrect source discs? either way it sounds like you will have to call/email mz support to manually validate your install. it would be no different for example had someone rebuilt thier pc with new hard drives and components as the registration is tied to you pc profile at the time of registration. any big changes flag you for closer inspection, just like having a beard and an odd name going thru customs :rolleyes:

i'm not defending ms as thier prices are indeed inflated but being the dominate game in town lets you do that. thier validation routine while annoying does work to cut down illegal installs of xp, provided you want a version with support and updates so you can't fault them for doing it. it's just another annoyance for us in the end.

2006.11.13, 06:06 PM
well back on topic.

I did just about everything i could think of. So i started from scratch. I removed all cards and ran the program off the MB. FOund that my video card wasn't allowing the program graphics to function (well something like that) and thats what was freezing it up. Removed the card and presto, lap counter works again. Now i have a $400 video card sitting in the box again.....