View Full Version : total_points and daily_points HTML files.... when are they created?

2006.11.12, 01:00 PM
As said in another thread, they are created when you have more than one subcategory in any event. That would be two or more dates, right? But what makes the file be created? Finishing all the races of a race date of a particular cartegory doesn't.

For example, we have a F1 and a Stock Tournament, we race qualify and Mains for the F1 Event, and then we race the Stock. Now when we finish racing all of the mains, the files are not created. Until a while later, that we fool around with the "View Results" (that creates the Summary.html files) and with thte stats, they appear "magically".

Can CORE give us a clue of how this really happens? WHEN are they created?

Another thing is that we have diferent points scales for each tournament. Last week, when the system finally created the total_point.html file for the Stock tournament, it used the points scale for the F1 tournament. :eek:

Both scales are in separate files (.config) inside the folder (event) of that particular tournament.

How come the system used the scale stored in a .config file that's inside another event?

Can anyone give a more detailed explanation of why this happens? and how to avoid happening? And if there's an easier way of making the Total_points.html file be generated?


2006.11.28, 08:24 AM
doing some tests, I could determine that these files are created when in the STATS screen, you select the EVENT / DATE / ...

Hope this saves someone else's time.