View Full Version : Z-F1 and Nelly?

2006.11.12, 05:50 PM
So I've gone all Nelly crazy here at my house!

Yesterday I swapped out my AWD fets for a Nelly 1.2 and Uberdash(stupid fast BTW :D ) and today I swapped in a Nelly Evo into my MR02. I have one left to strip off an xmod(PPOJ) and was hoping to find out if anyone has any success mounting a Nelly Evo into an F1.

The body seems to be a super tight fit over the EP so i'm hoping to find out that it can work if I mount it in a specific area.

Thanks in advance.

2006.11.13, 04:53 PM
Well since I wasn't getting any sort of interest in a helping hand I had to freeball it...

The Nelly sits right on top of the area where the fets used to be and I moved the antenna off it's arch mount and to one side. works pretty well, I'd say. ;) I had to remove a bit of material from the inside of my shell but other than that no modifications were made.

2006.11.16, 02:29 PM
Uh, where's the update?

You gonna tell us if you like it or not? How's it respond to throttle input?

How about compared to a fet stack.

Come on, inquireing minds want to know. :D

2006.11.16, 04:01 PM
Really? I honestly didn't think anyone cared...

After some bench testing and some limited running(nowhere to drive since it's started snowing) I can say that it has a real nice throttle response in comparison to my 2x3 stack on my other F1. I find that my stacked f1 seems to have a tiny step in throttle response as you hit the top end but the nelly doesn't have the same feeling...very progressive in my opinion.

Overall I'm very happy with the conversion but I have to admit it might not be for everyone. I wound up heat molding/shaving some plastic on the body and it is not obvious. It is a different shape from one side to the other but it doesn't bother me. I'm hoping that a new body that I'm getting shortly will have just the right amount of clearance. ;)