View Full Version : Firelap 4.0 replacement mainboard

2006.11.13, 01:33 AM
Anyone who knows where i can get one?
The prob. is that my monster just died while standing still. Stood in my bookshelf for awhile and when i was about to use it again it just wouldnt move at all, not forward/reverse nor steer left/right. I have checked so that i have power from the batteries in to the main board. It stood in the shelf without batteries. I doubt that its the FET's that is the problems.
Plz help!

2006.11.13, 02:47 AM
Me Iíd start by checking the transmitter batteries, and/or make sure the correct crystal is in if you've been using the TX for other cars.

Highly unlikely that a circuit board would die sitting on the shelf with or without batteries installed. Iwaver/Firelap circuit boards do go bad but more often than not itís something simple thatís being overlooked and if a part is bad often itís the TX not the RX.

2006.11.13, 07:30 AM
check the crystal in the monster...