View Full Version : motor mounts again!

2006.11.14, 06:54 PM
I need help,I have a RM chassi and i wanted to change to a MM chassis so i bought a PN racing LCG disk damper motor mount and wanted to know if i really need to run it with the multilength diskdamper that is recommended by PN racing,or can i run any 98mm diskdamper system? And if i do have to go with the PN racing diskdamper it does not come with the silicone,were can i get some and what weight if any do i need?

2006.11.15, 01:21 AM
You are not limited to only the PN racing damper but you do need one with a 16 mm spacing for a 98mm wheelbase. On the other hand the PN damper is my favorite, my Atomic dampers may have a slight edge in the looks department but what I like about the PN damper is that it lets you access to the motor screws, other than that the functional parts are nearly identical but as you said it doesn’t come with fluid.

For fluid any shock oil or light weight lubricant will work and you can play around with the viscosity, but in the end you might just like it best dry, I do it's easier to keep clean and grit free.

2006.11.15, 04:33 PM
thank's that helps me out a lot!