View Full Version : ok guru's what motor (no sarcasm meant)

2006.11.14, 07:22 PM
tomarrow i get my 05 f1 with ceraamic bearings, some sticky tread, and 1000 mah batts
we run on a 30' buy 12' track of that interlocking foamy stuff.

what is the fastest motor i can run on stock fets?
i want some decent take off but need high end too.

want to beat my rival, he runs 05 f1 with steel bearings and the adjustable atomic mods diff.


2006.11.14, 07:31 PM
I'm sure you'll come up with a couple choices but I used a Tamiya HyperDash2 safely on the 3010 fets on my AWD. I took the armature out, put it in a bearing can with neo mags. With a medium sized pinion(I don't remember the equivalent for F1) it ran strong and cool. I felt it ran well, and it was cheap($4.50) ;)

2006.11.14, 08:27 PM
I really like the Atomic Stock BB for my F1. Lots of punch and I like the way the drag brake handles.

2006.11.14, 10:49 PM
Iíll second the Atomic Stock as a good choice, coming with the X-Speed as a stock motor I havenít felt the need for any more speed but the Atomic stock for improved low end acceleration when running larger pinions and a more aggressive drag brake is a nice alternative, that an a smooth arm in a bb can never hurts either.

2006.11.15, 07:06 AM
ok cool, i just got out of an xmod, (huge waste of money) and ran the pn racing speedy 05 with neo's. how would that motor compare to the atomic stock?


2006.11.15, 07:50 PM
they are similar in performance as both are meant to be as fast as possible for stock FET cars (cars w/ the 3004 fets, not the newer 3010). i have used various atomic motors, and for my driving style, i just do not like them due to the amount of drag they have. i prefer to coast around corners which is why i suggest you get yourself a speedy awd. it's fairly quick and can be run on the 3010 FETs.

2006.11.15, 08:37 PM
Well, the motor that you just mentioned would work although it has more turns then the Speedy AWD. More turns = more torque. I would just recommend that you take the neos out and swap in the ferrites that came with it, then gear the car accordingly. The Speedy AWD actually has the lowest amount of turns recommended for stock fets. (pretty much a limit but there are some exceptions to 43Ts) Basically you'll find that the Speedy AWD will have more top end then your motor right now. Now the Ideal motor would be hand wound, but they don't come cheap. If you're interested then email me; I could build you up something. (they're as perfect as can be for this class of motors. Pattern winding takes away excess wire on each arm in the motor which results in a faster and more balanced motor.)

2006.11.16, 07:29 PM
I use the speedy 05 BB with stock 3004 fets. Plenty fast and i've beaten out 2x4 fetted cars with mod motors. Mostly cause i'm so good......

2006.11.17, 07:08 AM
I use the speedy 05 BB with stock 3004 fets. Plenty fast and i've beaten out 2x4 fetted cars with mod motors. Mostly cause i'm so good......

cool thanks for all the good info.

2006.11.21, 07:26 AM
ok i made a decision.
i put my speedy 05 motor with neo's in. and my got its fast. so i am gonna put the ferrits back in it.

thanks for the tips!

2006.11.23, 05:25 PM
During our last race we tried a few things to even the playing field out between Fett's and no fett'd cars.

Fet'd cars ran a box stock motor, non fet's cars ran a K Xspeed motor. Well, the Fet'd cars looked like slugs on the track during practice so it became stock fet's and Xspeed all round. this fet and motor combo made for wheel to wheel action all the way to the mains. And during the mains, the top 5 cars all stayed on the lead lap. Now thats close racing.

2006.11.26, 10:55 AM
I have used the PN motors in all my mini z's. You need to pick a motor that is good for your skill and style of driving...

Short tracks.... Long tracks a great motor is the speedy 05. with or without Ball Bearings.. If you looking for a ton of munch... Try the NM from PN. The one thing I know for sure is that the diff is key to making any motor work with the new F1.

I did try the AWD in my F1. The only issue is that the largest pinion you can fit it a 9 with the alumimum rear motor mount. So trying to gear up.. I found that with my style of driving and our larger tracks.. PN speedy 05 46 tooth spear gear and 9 tooth pinion. I switched to the 43 in my other car and it just didnt have enough down the straight. I need a 10 pinion and all bets are off.

We race in Houston and even though we dont have a big turn out every week.. F1 is very competitive and one of the main reasons I try to turn out every race... Nothing like open wheel racing.

Anyway.. My thoughts on motors and F1.

My set up.

Alum. motor mount.. blue
2 deg front knuckles
1 deg in the front toe in.
Green springs front
blue diff - lol you know the brand...
46 spur
9 pinion
carbon side plates with no spacers.. lowers the CG. the second set of screws are removed and the back screws are snug... as well as the front. so.. only the screws in the front and back... Trust me.. it works better and you dont have to worry with the screws vibrating out..
20 rear
30 fronts
ceramic bearings.

By car is hooked up on RCP. I have 2 cars with the same set up except the spur.. which is going to be switched next week once the new one comes in..