View Full Version : Ferrari and Lambo question

2006.11.16, 06:16 PM

newbie here. only been into this for 2 month and already gather a fairly small collection of 16 auto-scales and 3 cars stock hopped up (01, 02, awd). anywayz

the Lambo questions:

1. I see the black Diablo on the 2006 booklet included with the Auto-Scales, but the part number seems to be only including the yellow and the red Diablo. Is the black one still in production? or I'm out of luck.

2. Will there be plans for the new LP640 or the Murcielago GT or the Diablo GTR.

the Ferrari questions:

1. Will there be plans for the new 599 GTB Fiorano?

2. would there be a chance for a F50 GT?

MB question:

1. I see that the A4 DTM is being released soon would there be any chance that the W209 CLK DTM be revived or the new C-class DTM be added to the line up in the future?

some insight and feedback would be greatly appreciated. also curious on how Kyosho determine which model to release to the public and to discontinue certain model. :)