View Full Version : IW02 tower hobbies vers. steering question

2006.11.17, 01:01 PM
Picked up an 02 the tower hobbies version with servo and it has a steering problem.

When turned on, the steering moves all the way to the left. You can move the tx wheel to the right and the wheels will move to the right, but when you let up, the move all the way back to far left. The steering seems very slow also.

I bought it knowing of the issue, I am just curious if there is anything I can try to get it going?

I know a new servo is 10 bucks, not a problem, just thinking there may be some things I can do or try first.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Also, I was quite surprised with this car. First tower version I have had and the drivetrain is very quiet and smooth. There is some slight chassis tweak, but that isn't a huge issue to me.

Will most parts off the new 02m work with this chassis? IE, the CF chassis?

Thanks in advance to any helpers.

El Tigre
2006.11.17, 07:26 PM
Check the radio and make sure the steering trim isn't turned all the way left, that would do what you are describing. On the Kyosho cars there is a potentiometer on the cars circuit board that adjusts the neutral position of the steering, its usually under the top cover, under a decal. They may be the same on the Iwaver, I'm not sure, I gave up on Iwaver years ago.