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2006.11.21, 09:11 PM
These are quickies...
1) Is it a good idea to replace the stock motor in my Overland with a Xmod Gen-1 Stage one motor arm in a BB can? I'll be using my OL for bashing (as usual) and maybe keep with me for anytime RC.

2) If I haven't used the Radioshack NiMh in a few months, should I toss them and get new ones?

3) Since all my Xmods are practically dead, should I consider selling the 4 I don't use (keep the one with sedimental value) and get a MA-010 Chassis set then mount an xmod body? I have an Atomic SS motor I could put in there.

2006.11.22, 09:30 PM
well rocket i have a mini-z monster basically the same as a overland lol but not really. Anyways i put a stage 2 arm in a stage 1 can with stage 1 mags and brushes and this thing flies i dont even have to put it into reverse then shove it into forward to pop wheels its amazing

2006.11.22, 11:00 PM
to answer the others,
2) no, charge, and run, repeat. they will gain their life back
3)sell x-mods yes, get AWD chassis yes, x-mod body no, atomic ss not sure if mod fets are needed or not.

2006.11.23, 08:22 AM
Well I want the tuner body kit look on a Skyline, so would it work to do a chop job by combining the xmod body kit with a autoscale skyline?

2006.11.23, 08:32 AM
Get one of the AutoScale Skyline bodies that have the tuner look already...there are a couple, I think.

2006.11.23, 01:15 PM
there are several, you can go mild tuner, or JGTC
some examples
I think this is the one you are looking for though, it looks alot like the X-Mod version.

and here is my Skyline

2006.11.23, 04:44 PM
Dunno, those are either too stock looking or too JGTC.


I'd rather not bother buying a new autoscale and just put my Skyline on it.

2006.11.23, 06:50 PM
it can be done, all you need is a body mount set for the PN Pan Car body and some CA

2006.11.29, 05:06 PM
Mkay, another quickie. If I want to stretch Lego tires onto the stock rims, should I remove the outer ring on the rim?

2006.11.29, 11:55 PM
1) lego tires are used on overlands for bling, and not much purpose
2) there is no outer ring on mini-z Wheels