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2006.11.25, 06:05 PM
looks like tagu is jumping into the lit market first! the wheels look absolutely great!


courtesy of tagu website

2006.11.25, 08:28 PM
Nice find. According to the XLS parts list linked on that page, the LIT wheels are available in a bunch of offsets ranging from 0mm to 3mm. Do the current bodies come in different track widths already?

2006.11.27, 05:32 PM
Ooo must have, Tagu wheels have always been some of my favorites and these look like they would be spectacular.

Not sure about the offset, I only have the Fiat body and there likely are different offsets required for each of the three current body styles. The question is which offset for which body, those are obviously the Copen wheels but which offset then fits the Copen, Fiat, or Mini Cooper.

2007.01.26, 05:25 PM
I wonder how those would look on the red Mini Cooper if they were anodized red to match. Hmmmmm, still I think the Cooper needs some classic wheels such as the Panasport Lites and some BBS mesh style wheels with a semi-wide offset for the rear for racing.

2007.09.08, 09:10 PM
I have those Tagu wheels on my Lite. Look nice, handle great, but tight as heck! There seems to be no way of removing the alloy's off the hub's without breaking anything. So without risking it, they are stuck on there, which sadly means I can't remove my wheels to clean out the bearings.

2007.11.23, 03:55 PM
what is tagu