View Full Version : firelap 4.0 vs mini z monster

2006.11.27, 06:35 PM
my firelap is faster more powerfull than my mzm is it because they have different fets ? (the motors are both x speeds)

2006.11.27, 11:35 PM
yes, If I'm not mistaken, all the 04's had the "Pro" fets installed, which with a single layer can handle any 130 sized motor I could throw at it. but you might want to check on that before trying it as I am not responsible if you fry your truck.

2006.11.28, 03:47 PM
i have a 04 board with 9939a fets in it are they better than the 3004 fets that are in my mzm .(i did a search for 9939 and found nothing) thanks for any info. thanks ninja 4 reply

2006.11.29, 12:14 AM
mine had different numbers on them, so dont go throwing hot motors in that thing till you get some solid info.

2006.11.29, 06:01 PM
Well I'm back into mini z's after taking a few years off. LOl IDK which is faster but I just got a MZM with the atomic upgrade package and lipo + atomic motor = roll on wheelies and a killer top speed!