View Full Version : spring ?

2006.11.29, 04:05 PM
Does anyone know if the x-mods= blue springs, will fit inside the "walmart"
mini-rock crawler springs with the LSSM set-up?

I seen Hammers f-150 set-up with LSSM on the thread, [btw nice truck].

I am currently running the LSSM mod, with mini-rock crawler springs. the
travel,lift,and action is smooth= but tooo much body roll with such soft
mini-rck crwl springs.... [btw] ? is for my G55L sitting on lego rubber
with enzo rear wheels.

thanks for all help and advice


2006.11.30, 09:31 AM
Hammer, Arch ,, anyone.... just looking for OL SPRING help with the above post.............. THANKS

2006.11.30, 11:32 PM
im sure that any spring with a smaller diameter will fit inside the crawler springs and give it a dual rate effect.