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Hummer's Rock
2006.11.29, 04:59 PM
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Well I've been outta the overland scene for a while now due to a fried pcb. I was looking to get a new one and need a refreshment on what to get. I got the Car (silver G55) Rims (Atomic +2 Offset dish rims) Tires (Goodyear Trackers, Cheveron Beasts, and tamiya 1/32 Mitsubishi Pajero Metal tires), Bearings, X-speed, and an extra body. For some reason, I can not find the titanium main gear on mini-zracer, does anyone have a link? Also, whats the Toyota Harrier wheelbase setting, basically i want to know if it can run the larger tires(Whats the front setting, 1 or 2, and whats the rear, 1,2,or 3)

Also, since I have to get the Tamiya 1/32 Mitsubishi Pajero Metal from tower hobbies, what size rod do i need for the lssm, its 2-56 right? And Im not sure if anyone on hear can help, but how good are the tamiya tires? Are the soft, hard? I've read on MZR that they were great, but I would love somone's personal opinion. Will any of the other tamiya 1/32 truck tires fit?

Sorry for all the questions, I just dont want to screw up again, LOL.


Edit: Do Iwaver 02/02m wheels work on this? http://www2.************.com/cgi-bin...?&I=LXKRA0&P=7 those are the ones im looking at. The address is T O W E R Hobbies